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  1. while I won't sound in on quality issues as my friend and I received a near-perfect batch - I would like to suggest you look up the "hot / cold" water method that can help you fix your models. I don't mean this as an argument against your disappointment only as friendly advice that might help you.
  2. Ok so that makes more sense - we didn't play with the knowledge that the heroes new the area the contaminated barrel would appear. First time is always the most challenging with these scenarios 🙂
  3. oracleToronto


    So many swirling capes
  4. So we were lucky enough to get our copy of the game plus all expansions and have managed to get a few games in so far 1 versus mode, and 2 adventure mode. Last night we played the Deadly Infection scenario. As a quick condensed idea of what the heroes need to do 1. Crack a safe in the far corner to identify a contamination marker on the map. 2. have a character interact with the contamination marker - infecting themselves putting a "game end" in effect in a given amount of time, however during that remaining time the infected person gets a full 10 activation cubes each turn. 3. get the infected person to the lab who then needs to take an action to cure themselves. 4. Take out Dr Death. My concern is that once the player model becomes infected it takes a minimum of two of their activations to get to the lab and then cure themselves (due to distance and movement restrictions). I have a few questions/suggestions. First off I feel like if you can get the infected person to the lab an ally should be able to do the check in the lab to cure them. As it is there is a huge reliance on just the infected model's actions and all your allies can do is take out models in the way that may slow them down. I am not sure if the marker for the contaminated container is supposed to start on the board as it is shown on the map. This would mean that the Heroes know of its location and one can stay close to it waiting to interact with it once the safe has been cracked and the location "revealed". (more like activated) As it stands now it seems almost impossible to have a model make it to the container, infect themselves, make it to the lab, and cure themselves. in any quicker than 3 turns (in a scenario with only 7 turns) which why i feel you should be able to have an ally waiting in the lab to cure the infected model who then just needs to get there with their 10 cubes. (for the record we were making full use of Batwoman's support ability to move another model and a grappling hook on the infected model to increase their parkor) My suggestions to tackle this scenario as the Heroes: 1. If indeed the marker for the contaminated barrel is meant to be on the board keep someone near it. The area around the safe and on top of the "jumpable barrels" will get crowded and severely hampers your ability to make it back to the barrel. 2. Bring explosive gel to get wall breaker - you need to cut down on the time it takes to get to that safe and open it. (breaking the lab wall is also not the worst idea especially by the hero who starts in the bottom corner on the walkway. I know this is a mixture of tactics, questions, and suggestions but it is where my head was after this scenario played out. (we lost it on the last turn as we were unable to have the infected model make it to the lab AND cure themselves)
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