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  1. If there is a season 3 I'd like to see: Flashpoint Batman Red Rain Batman The Batman Who Laughs with a scenario that uses an infection/traitor rule. Gotham Girl Nora Fries (in cryo sleep) Nora Fries (as Mrs. Freeze) A Bat Signal mini with some type of summoning mechanic used in a scenario. Psycho Pirate Kite Man Maps: Rooftops Botanical Gardens Wayne Tower with multi-levels (like Conan Khitai)
  2. I'm also reading and I like the "fish out of water" aspect, but agree that it can feel cartoonish. I think it works best when it's on a smaller scale like the issue with just Conan and The Punisher trekking out of the Savage Land. I also liked the annual issue in South America. Have you checked out the other Marvel Conan mash-up, Serpent War? I'm on issue #2 of the mini series, but so far I like the Howard team up of Conan and Agnes.
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