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  1. This is helpful still confused on a few points, which I think these questions will help me understand confirming LOS: 1. Line of sight from 26 through 27 & 21 to 16? 2. Point 6 to 22? 3. Point 13 to 21? 4. Point 24 to 21? 5. 23 to 30? 6. 16 to 23? Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the clarity. We didn’t get to play this weekend - hopefully in the next week. It’s set up and ready to go so all we need to do is find the time to sit and play. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.
  3. Hi. I'm going to give this a try soon. Question - with Conan being at 1 health if he gets "knocked out" - does he also get stood-up with the crow activation or is he out/game over? Just want to ensure I follow intent. My son was cracking up reading the intro and win conditions on page 1 and is also looking forward to a fun light hearted couple rounds. Thanks for making this.
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