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  1. Hi, Ken - do I need to make my own custom tiles for those Corinthian Skeletons, or are they available for download? Love that this campaign lets me use all my Mythic Battles boards! Thanks!
  2. Thank you!!! Worked perfectly your way. I was copying the url straight from the page. Almost never worked. Sorry about the Leap thing - my scroll wheel had apparently stopped working. Looking forward to making a lot of custom sheets and tiles. 😎
  3. Also: I’ve just noticed that “Leap” is not available under skills.
  4. Hi - absolutely love the app, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting any artwork to load for the custom hero sheets. So far, only certain .png links will work. Is there any way to expand what will work on these or allow for direct uploads from my files? Even a full sample of a working link format might help. Thanks.
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