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  1. Hello! Tell me, is my copy of the Batman game already sent? No email notification was received. Track number should have been sent?
  2. Hello! On the official website of the Monolith, more scenarios are presented.
  3. I'm already registered with Fluent. And ordered Compendium 1. (True, has not yet received). I can pay 2EN and 3EN at once, how will the projects become available?
  4. Thank you so much! This is what I needed and more!
  5. Hello! Share, please, a file with a template of the back side of the monster tile. Image of a blood stain.
  6. Tell me, please, but I already sent a letter to Russia? I have no notifications so far.
  7. This puzzled me. Because in the rules it is written that they are. I understood everything, thank you!
  8. Excuse me, but between the distant points of the ships there is no line of sight, do you want to say it is not there? Examples of these lines of visibility I drew in colored lines.
  9. Has paid! I'm waiting for a package of happiness! Thank you Monolith!
  10. Hello! This message is addressed to the administration of the Monolith or to those who can forward it to them. I translated the rules and scenarios for the game Conan into Russian, for the Russian-speaking community. In Russia, the game is not popular, because it is important for Russian players to have localized games. I have already translated rulebooks and a number of official scripts. All this I make out in the original pdf-files. Russian players often ask me to translate the book "The Legend of the Devil in Iron". But I only have a paper version. I ask you, if you have this opportunity, to send me a PDF version of the company's book for its translation into Russian. This will help increase interest in your game. For example, I'm sending a link to the rules of the game, which I translated. Book Heroes Book Overlord Thank you in advance!
  11. I registered Joined December 14, 2017 Posted in this thread on 12 January. I hope they send me a letter?
  12. I have not received a letter yet, I'm waiting.
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