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Extra Gems Holder - a djiminianish way to do one

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In the campaign, heroes may trade XPs for extra gems they will use in common, putting them on two cards.




On the French-speaking forum, @Djimne had a cunning idea in order to prevent these gems to be knock over from the cards (by accident or on purpose). As I recently made one for me, I seized the opportunity to post a tutorial here. I didn't make it exactly like hers, but it's more a philosophical than a effective difference. Pay attention, people, it's rocket science time! :umnik:


In most addons of Conan (Black Dragons, Crossbowmen, Giant Wolves, etc...) you get these thingies, once you have removed the tiles of the unit:



And in expansions (Stygia, Nordheim, Khitaï) you get blank tiles of unit:



Step one: Abracadabra! :wizard:



Step two: Use adhesive tape on the back to ensure they'll stick together for eons.


Step three: Use extra punchboard frames and paste them on the previous one (I used two of them):



Step Four: With the black (or pink, or whichever colour you fancy) spray you use to base your miniatures, paint your gem holder. Wait patiently, and paint the other side.


Step Five: Paste (or simply insert the cards from the campaign in your gem holder).


And voilà! BdO_yesss.gif.1524c158931ce80f8661c4846b551e54.gif



Optional Step: travel to France, and offer a glass of white wine with some cheese to thank Djimne for her idea (but beware of her husband BdO_urgences.gif.5d33fa220fa89d9aee7d8335b83414d4.gif).


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