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My Planned Painting Plagiarism

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You guys have posted plenty of paint jobs I'd have been proud to have done.


Whilst browsing google image search for folks examples of painting the minis, there were some really effective colour palettes used, especially for the demons and the hyenas so I was glad I had.

I picked out a few to look closer at.


Turned out every one of them was by the same bloke! Rémy Tremblay.

That lead me to his sculpting page where it turns out many of my favourite sculpts from all sorts of sources are his - blimey.


It also took me to his painting blog, when he did the Conan minis he says he was experimenting with a faster and more basic painting approach for groups of minis. The pics expand enough to show me the blending and individual brush strokes and some of them don't look perfect close up - he's right, but overall the effect is way better than I'd have worked out myself.

I'm just an enthusiast, not a professional so if I can get remotely close to his results by meticulous copying and willingness to do over where I fall too short I'll be absolutely thrilled.


Really wish he'd painted the Black Ones!

Well worth a look at his blog.

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18 hours ago, Bawon Samdi said:

All you need is a few links ! :smile:


Painting blog: http://hobbytimeblog.blogspot.fr/


Sculpting blog: http://remytremblay-sculpture.blogspot.fr/


He also did a few minis for the futur CMON game: Hate.


Thanks Bawon, I'm always loathe to post links on commercially owned sites like this without seeking some sort of permission, I just don't know the etiquette so mostly refrain heh

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