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  1. The first is Bram Stoker's Dracula, " dee children ov dee night... what beautiful music dey maaaaaake" The second is the original Nosferatu
  2. Just a quick note as I'm not supposed to be up and around My idea for the map split into two normal sized boards was like this (and forgive the stretchy/messy/butchery of fine artwork please!) For the battle of the mounds Board 1 Board 2 Stones more spread out on board1 to allow fighting in and around them, board 2 has a hill for Doom to stand on Diagonally opposite bases for equal battles Second combination for open equal battles Third use with hill/bases at opposite ends with fighting ground in between Sorry I didn't get the maps the same size but have to go back to bed as wife is hating me being up to "check my emails" Great work and if the map can be split and area around the stones enlarged that would be awesome If board edge zoning could be made to merge in several different orientations then we have a huge scenario builder resource AS A BONUS! speak to you guys soon, cards and counters look great!
  3. Bawon... brother I hear you and my wife is the same! Just because a great plot is hidden beneath two hot and very intense lesbians writhing/grinding/gasping/moaning on a bare mattress in a slight heatwave - my wife doesn't see it either...... (plus she knows that ever since Key West, Jennifer Tilley makes me drool uncontrollably and forget whatever I was........................................................)
  4. Slight delay before I can post an idea of the map, had an existing old bonegraft come apart in my ankle Need to lay down in a dark room to keep from whining like a gurl
  5. Heh' now the favour of the gods on their home field is not to be underestimated They can't attack if they have 3 friendly horsemen in the way... Form an orderly queue.... that's why they call them the fangs of the serpent, they form a snake of horsemen 42metres long
  6. Happy to Flor and your english is a lot better than the french I can remember ;0) Will put it up tomorrow but really all I was suggesting was to make your map twice as wide, to cut it up the middle and squeeze each map feature so they re on one of the boards so they're complete and not cut through. I'll show how the boards might go together each way too
  7. Yep, the system is fine, movie appreciation is so subjective it defies quantification and poster decides is just right I think And I haven't the beginnings of a clue on these two unless the bottom one is the BFG?
  8. Christmas is a seemingly realistic target but should time gt short I'd argue we tear up the deadline and don't compromise on greatness , great execution and playtesting. Regarding the map I'd say an area twice the size of the current maps has huge benefits so long as the scenario editor can handle the format? I'd also say the new map would be one of the biggest spin off benefits of the project. (Having all the cards and materials for a stack of iconic friends and foes all ready and waiting for folks to use in future non-movie scenarios and campaigns being the other). We wouldn't need to enlarge many of the stones etc because the need is for more useable space to run and fight - basically the same features spaced out rather more, this means the extra is mostly desert floor, sandy paths and the odd scrubby bush I'd also argue for a lot more clever and devoted hard work to break it into two normal sized mapboards that can be combined along more than one edge. Lot of hard work making zoning fit together each way but the prize is this: Consider this map stretched to a landscape rectangle cut into a left and right side. Slide the diagonal colonade to the left enough that it's entirely on that tile and twist it a little so it makes a processional up to the offset hill top left (somewhat enlarged). We already have a large offset hill on the right side board. Put them together as they are - Battle of the mounds. Rotate the right board180 degrees and bring them back together and you have diagonally opposite hills a natural map for even conflicts where each team has a base to attack from and to retreat to. Instead this time join the maps along the two edges furthest from the hills and you have an ideal "capture the flag" map with a goal at each end. Or get the thingy from the hill of heroes all the way across to the mound of madness through a running gauntlet of blocking beasties. We've a lot of undead in our pledge boxes, and these map boards used singly or in combination are covered in burial mounds both great and small so don't for a second underestimate thier future value for getting those into play. Those pirates need a deserted desert island rich in landmarks to bury thier treasure - tense times what with there being no honour among thieves and that going double for rum soaked sailors or mutinous dogs. One or both of those hills needs a shadow that could be just cast by that rock or when needed taken to represent an entrance. Then it's diggings of grave robbers (see honour among thieves and raise you a released guardian or a triggered curse ), the weathered entrance to an atlantean tomb, a beast (scorpion anyone?) lair, a damaged ley line, or a race to stop the sorceror before he digs up the last piece of the staff/girdle/statue of someone darkly famous. Put an altar in the middle of the hill with a stone circle and you have the only place the possessed prince, the gorgeous nymphette or the kicking and screaming demon can be saved from the curse (or finally killed). That's my two penneth ;0) did I mention I love this project? Again the work it would take to match those edges together is not to be understimated but wow would we have something worth the trouble of printing and mounting properly. Let's give it a go, none of the hard work already done would be wasted thank goodness, it just needs sliding over, spreading out and the gaps filled in with more desert.
  9. Sorry for the delay, son cut his hand - emergency room in a holiday town is always packed He's fine now Easy Hard Again both very favourite movies
  10. Never heard of it but that's mostly the point
  11. Actually I vaguely knew about the movie because one of the actresses is a stunner, guessed it was the one because of the tattoes and had no other ideas for what it might be ;0)
  12. Memento and the bollywood remake of the same premise? sorry no idea of the title
  13. No idea, right period but can't have scared my mom so I was in bed.... In the easy one - can anyone else see the gorilla being slowly squeezed out of that washing machine????
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