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Game System Upgrades in Batman

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I've just watched the Batman gameplay videos posted by  @SentMa and I'll try to summarize all the game System Upgrades I've notice, so we can have them all in one place. Needless to day, I'm pretty excited about them!



New icons in zones indicating:

- Maximum number of miniatures allowed in that area (miniatures now have size, so a single miniature may count as more than one).

- Height level: the size of the circle denoting the center of the area will indicate if the zone is at ground level or above.

- Difficult ground: this icon indicates there is a penalty of one extra movement points to exit the zone.


Line of Sight

Rooms have no center to determine the Los, instead they have a green line in the entrance. This means there is always LoS only between the room and the zone adyacent to the green line.


Line of Sight between zones in different height levels: these are noted by letters near the zone center icon. If the letters in the target and origin zone match, there is LoS.



New Action: Mind. It's used to solve riddles, hack computers (no much use in Conan, I know) and activate allies. So it replaces the Command skill, and has a limit of gems per turn.


Adrenaline: not exactly an action, it allows to go beyond the exertion limit of an Action, but the gems used for this purpose go directly to the Wounded box. It has a limit per turn.


New characteristics :

-Size: space occupied the heroe when determining zone exertion limit.


-Menace: Hindering value of the miniature (some miniatures are more dangerous than others).


Skills change:

-Some skills now have levels, for example Sacrifice level 2 means you can absorb up to 2 points of damage caused to an ally in your zone, or Evasive level 2 means you can ignore up to 2 Hindering penalty points when moving.


Special Trait: Unique for each character. For Batman is he can't use lethal weapons. I wonder what will they come up with for Conan heroes.




The Overlord benefits now have a limit of gems per turn. Up to 4 gems for Movement and Reroll and up to 3 for Armour.


Tiles now have 2 new characteristics: Size and Menace (same as Heroes).



And I think this is all. I have to say I love each and every upgrade to the system. Now we'll have more Hero diversity with the skill levels and special traits, and maps will be easier to use.





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Some corrections afer reading the draft of the rules in the French forum:


- Overlord Tiles: they get a category (Liutenants, elites and minions).  Besides Movement, Ranged Attack and Melé Attack, OL tiles may get more actions (same as Heroes, they may get Manipulation for example) and they may be able to perform these actions more than once per turn.


-Command Skill does not disappear. In fact it's splitted in Command (minions) and Command (elite), but gems are placed in the new Mind action.




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