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    Conan the Barbarian

    Hi all! We are a couple of die-hard Conan fans ( @Florentin and me) wanting to create a campaign based on the first classic Arnold film. This is quite an ambitious project, so we have decided to start small and focus on a single scenario. The most iconic one is the final battle, the Battle of the Mounds. So far I've made all the equipment cards based on the film (and a couple more for the second film, but that's another tale), available in Downloads section, and @Florentin is working on a great map you can see at the end of this post. Moreover, I've learnt to use Zbrush to create custom miniatures for this project and I'll share some images of my first one soon. @Florentin is working on miniatures conversions, but I'd prefer to offer miniatures you guys can print and use. What we need from the community is some help, to be precise these are the skills we are looking for: - 3D modelling (we have many miniatures to create). - Map-making. -Scenario creation. -Illustrations for the character sheets and enemy tiles/tokens. In a later stage we'll look for playtesters, but we're far from there yet. So, if you want to be part of this great adventure, join us! Download all the files from here!!!! Scenario List Please keep in mind this list is not final and could be subject to change, these are just rough ideas. I would like to make a campaign similar to the official one with the main difference that this would be linear, as there is no fun making a campaign based on a film and then deviate from the plot. Expect the same experience mechanic including levelling up your heroes, buying gems for a common pool and special gems for the Overlord. Despite being linear, defeat usually will make harder the next scenario. I - Hither came Conan the Cimmerian (Two linked mini-scenarios) Heroes: Conan Map: Modiphius tiles (woods and dungeon) Chased by Wolves: Conan is chased by wolves (mechanic inspired by the official scenario 'Run till you drop' in the Nordheim expansion). The Altantean King: With the remaining Energy gems, Conan enters a mysterious tomb. As soon as he grasps the old sword of a forgotten king, the dead king raises! II - The Tower of Set Heroes: Conan, Valeria, Subotai Map: Custom or Khitai Tower from Khitai expansion The heroes enter the dreaded Tower of Set to steal its riches. They must take out the guards in stealth and they can disguise themselves using the tunis of the acolytes and of course they must retrieve the greatest treasure there which is protected by a Giant Snake! III - Escape! Heroes: Conan, Valeria, Subotai Map: Stygia streets (from the Stygia expansion) The tower guards rush after the intruders through the streets of Shadizar. The heroes must fight their way through the streets and make the guards lose their trail. A vengeful camel may appear. IV - The Tree of Woe Heroes: Valeria, Subotai Map: Modiphius tiles (desert) Conan has been trapped by his enemies and crucifiyed on a tree. His life is on the edge, but before passing away he sees his friends coming to the rescue. But they are not alone, Thorgrim has decided to defy his master Thulsa Doom and punish the Cimmerian himself for killing the giant snake he raised in the Tower of Set. This scenario will feature on the Overlord side hyenas, Thorgrim and some guards and the aim is to protect Conan and exit the board. V - The spirits here ask a heavy toll Heroes: Valeria, Subotai Map: Custom Mounds map Akiro has cast a spell on Conan to save his life but the Spirits of the Mounds will try to claim his soul before dawn. VI - The Fangs of the Serpent I Heroes: Conan, Valeria, Subotai Map: Stygia tunnels (from the Stygia expansion) Having recovered his strength, Conan and his companions head back to the Mountain of Power to recover the daughter of King Osric, now an adept of the Serpent God. First they have to sneak into the mountain using a secret entrance, dark tunnels lead them deep into the heart of the mountain. VII - The Fangs of the Serpent II Heroes: Conan, Valeria, Subotai Map: Custom (Mountain of Power Hall) Inside the halls under the mountain, the warriors must make their way through the Princess and they will come across an unexpected scene. They must seize the Princess and escape. This scenario corresponds to 'the orgy' scene. Yes, I plan to include the 'green soup'. VIII - The Battle of the Mounds Heroes: Conan, Subotai (with Akiro as ally) Map: Custom (Mounds) The epic battle among the standing stones! Thulsa Doom will come with all his might to recover the princess and blood will be spilled and bones crushed. CROM COUNT THE DEAD! I'll probably make Thulsa Doom take an active role and be defeated here to end the campaign. Done: https://the-overlord.net/index.php?/topic/265-conan-the-barbarian-campaign/&do=findComment&comment=4409 How to contribute If you're reading this is because you like this project and you want to make it happen, THANKS! If you want to help us out, this is what we need: Art for tiles We would like to produce material as close as posible to the style and quality of Monolith's. In the case of tiles we need full body illustration (movie stills with filters to make them look like art are aceptable, like those in the Hero sheets). I can provide reference pictures. This is what we need (in red): Liutenants ------------> Giant Snake Allies / Others All done! Units ------------> Acolytes of Set ------------>Priests of Set ------------> Choosen of Set ------------> Temple Guards Stats for tiles General rule here is the stats must be original, not clones or any existing one and they must fit the film. Liutenants ------------> Giant Snake Allies / Others All done! Units ------------> Acolytes of Set (fanatics with tunics and poisoned daggers) ------------>Priests of Set (spell-casters, poor melee fighters) ------------> Choosen of Set (a more powerful version of the former) ------------> Temple Guards (guards in 'the orgy' scene with leather armours, canon fooder) Custom maps This is our biggest problem. We need the following: - Mounds (in progress): @Florentin is working on it. ------------> Tower of Set: To be discussed, but probably something like the khitai tower map, with a half-map representing the snake pit. ------------> Mountain of Power Hall Scenario design We'll wait to have the Modiphius tiles in hand before deciding which scenarios will do ourselves and which scenarios are needed. Our resources are scarce and we are already focussed in The Battle of the Mounds scenario. Proxy Miniatures We need to find proxy miniatures for all this! The rule here is no conversions allowed, the miniature need to be a good match straight out of the blister. Help us scout for proxies! Note: My Conan 3D model will be available for free when finished. I'm in no way affiliated with any miniature company which appears here. Heroes - Conan (custom 3D model in progress) ------------> Subotai - Valeria (link) Liutenants -Thulsa Doom (link) ------------> Thorgrim ------------> Rewxor ------------> Giant Snake Allies / Others ------------> Akiro - Princess (link) Units ------------> Acolytes of Set (fanatics with tunics and poisoned daggers) ------------>Priests of Set (spell-casters, poor melee fighters) ------------> Choosen of Set (a more powerful version of the former) ------------> Temple Guards (guards in 'the orgy' scene with leather armours, canon fooder) ------------> Fangs of Set (heavily armoured guards of the Mountain of Power) Join our Barbarian Team!
  2. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Thanks @Florentin! I'm remembering a very pleasant evening in Toulouse, speaking about our fan-made scenarios. It feels like it was ages ago...
  3. Arthadan

    Conan in Spain

    Any barbarians in Madrid?
  4. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Not on my end, sorry. I'm getting into the miniatures business with my own brand and it's a very time-consuming thing to do. Check out the link to the Facebook group, you'll get a pleasant surprise! Link to the Facebook group
  5. Arthadan

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    The French version of the Compendium 4 is in the works (Mythic Battles and Batman, no Conan). Is there a date for the English version of the Compendium 2?
  6. Arthadan

    Shinobi7 acquire Conan rights

    It was a strange move to announce a new Conan Kickstarter for 2019 without securing the rights to use the IP.
  7. Arthadan

    No more Conan until 2020??

    Checking the comments in the Claustrophobia 1643 Kickstarter, I've stumbled upon this entry by @Matt John S (I quote); So it looks like Shinobi 7 did acquire the Conan license with exclusivity. This is in clear contradiction with what we were told before: Matt's comment. Guess there was a misunderstanding at first. Coming from Matt, I guess this last comment is true, can anybody confirm the bad news? I'm terribly disappointed with this last turn of events.
  8. Arthadan

    Call for content for Scrolls Of Skelos: Cache One

    Done, check your PM!
  9. Arthadan

    Call for content for Scrolls Of Skelos: Cache One

    Will do this weekend! Please keep in mind I'm not a native speaker though.
  10. Arthadan

    Call for content for Scrolls Of Skelos: Cache One

    I can help you out with the translation if you want. I was part of the translation team of the first Compendium, so I have some experience.
  11. Arthadan

    Quest of Conan Part One

    Interesting approach. I like the RPG tone.
  12. Arthadan

    Community Generated Campaign

    I started the campaign last weekend and my gaming group had a lot of fun. Thanks guys!
  13. Arthadan

    Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    Another important point: the next Conan KS should have perfectly clear rules explanation. You only need to take a look at the number of questions regarding unclear scenario rules to realise there is room for improvement in that area.
  14. Arthadan

    [Rules] The Last Ditch Invocation

    Movement of the tentacles is covered by the rules, Thaugh has one spell to do that. But the rest remains unknown...
  15. Arthadan

    [Rules] The Last Ditch Invocation

    I have some questions regarding this scenario: 1) Jumping from ship to ship. How many movement points does it cost? What does happen to a character failing the jumping test? If he remains on the original area, can he try to jump again in the same turn (spending more movement points)? If he falls down to the sea, is him automatically killed or can he be activated normally to fight/nive/climb back to the ship? 2) Thaugh He does not have Reach, so he can't attack in close combat and there is only one OL character (N'gora) that can make distance attacks, but even with a maximum attack roll, he can't hurt Thaugh. What's the point giving him a life point score?
  16. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    I'd say: Heroes Victory: Escaping with the Princess before turn X. Overlord Victory: Avoiding Yasmina's rescue / killing all the heroes. In campaign mode we will refine victry conditions (i.e. the OL will win additional Campaign points if some heroe are killed even if the heroes win, the heroes will gain some campaign points for hurting TD in snake form and so on). Campaign points will be used to level up the heroes and to buy gems for a common pool (much like the official campaign the Devil in Iron), and the OL would be able to buy special gems (counting as two gems when used, but only as one to recover). Sounds good?
  17. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    By the way, a bit off-topic. I've just got the PDF preview of the Monolith Sourcebook, from Modiphius (a RPG/board game crossover). It's quite interesting and it has some advice on creating your own scenarios (and a solo game mode!). I haven't finished it yet, but I'm liking what I read. I'll share with you any insights relevant for this scenario.
  18. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Well, pro is the scenario will play more like the movie. Anyway rushing to TD throne room to catch him before turning should be suicidal (in my opinion). This way we don't need a TD tile, hurting him would a "bonus objective" and he's there just to add flavour rather than raise the difficulty. As we have already discussed, unarmored heroes are going to have a hard time in this scenario, specially with Rexor and Thorgrim around. I think that's a perfect solution. Surely the guards will heard the commotion of dozens of women screaming when the blood-soaked barrian begins to gut guards before their eyes. I meant the alarm mechanic, not a "mechanical alarm". There are some official scenarios using something similar (heroes trying to avoid to be detected) which I suggest to use as a starting point. Check out the official scenario Trapped like rats, special rules "hidden in the shadows" and "Alarm!". Link: Trapped like rats.
  19. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Meet me halfway. I suggest if the heroes are real quick (a turn limit we'll have to work out), they can hurt Thulsa Doom (big snake form) and part of the wounds will be kept for the next scenario (TD would start the Battle of the Mounds scenario with less life points). This way we give the heroes the chance to attack TD without having a real chance to kill him (and we simplify the scenario, not needing a profile for an hybrid snake-man stage). - Drugged people raising the alarm. When the heroes begin to fight guards on the illuminated area near the column, drugged people will scream raising the alarm (perhaps rolling a dice) . Something like that. I meant heroes will be harder to detect thanks to the body paint.
  20. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    I have read the scenario and it has some very good ideas. Some quick ideas I suggest: - Thulsa Doom: I think he should escape, it would be anti-climatic from a campaign perspective to have him killed in this scenario. If the heroes are real quick, perhaps they can choose between grabbing the Princess or attacking a fleeing Thulsa Doom in snake form. - Camouflage paint: In this scenario we have unarmored heroes with no potions. It's going to be extremely easy for the OL to kill them. I think we do need the alarm mechanic, powered by the camouflage, so the heroes can kill the not drugged guards one by one and hiding the bodies. - Drugged people: I'd probably treat them as a penalty for heroes movement and also they can trigger the alarm. - The broken pillar: I'd treat this as a "campaign card" a special effect the heroes can use anytime as long as Thorgrim has used the hammer in any area adjacent to the central pillar. What do you think?
  21. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Hi guys! Good to know you're interested and keeping the project alive! I'll try to catch up with the development on the last scenario over the weekend.
  22. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    OK, so we agree. No downtime between scenario VI and VII. We have to consider, in average, how many gems the heroes will lose in the previous scenario. Taking in account we have Rexor and Thorgrim here, they can't lose much. The design of scenario VI is going to be challenging, it must be interesting to play but we can't have much combat. Regarding booms granted by the war paints, I was thinking about the special rules the scenario will have for stealth moves. Do you have anything else in mind?
  23. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Quick question: do you think this scenario should be played right after scenario VI (sneaking into the caves)? I mean with no downtime in between, so gems lost in scenario VI will not be recovered before this one. If we go for that, heroes will have one potion each (provided by Akiro) at the start of scenario VI. And we will need to design this scenario with weakened heroes in mind.
  24. Arthadan

    Conan the Barbarian

    Love the idea of using torches! The heroes should be able to set curtains on fire, creating a distraction as Valeria does in the movie. Not sure about the variable setup positions though, the more variables we have, the harder it will be to balance them all.

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