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Feminising Conan

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I was advised to post this variant also on The Overlord. Well, here it is.


You can find the article and character sheets at: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1951106/feminising-conan


Ok I know, Conan is a males world, created in the 1930' with lots of half naked women. But Conan is also a great boardgame which should be played with as much people possible from your gamegroup, friends or family. But in most cases, if you wanna play as a girl in a balanced scenario, you have to choose a male's character or a half naked boobygirl like Bêlit.

Although I don't mind the pictorial setting of Conan, I can understand that some people just don't want to play Conan with all these booby girls and rather play some other game instead. But that's of course not necessary. You can use another character from the Monolith's Conan world, like Zelata or Valeria. Unhappily, these are from the King Box and rather expensive and difficult to obtain. In that case, you can also us a miniature (28 mm!!, mind the size) from another company (pls Monolith, reissue the female characters which are hard to get).

For families or gender mixed gamer groups who want to play the original scenario's with balanced characters, you can make proxy characters, by coping the exact stats of the hero and using a different miniature.
For our gaming group I created several female character sheets, to enlarge the fun and make it possible to play the game with people who want more variety in female characters (or less boobs, whatever you want). As a replacement for the male/female Conan miniatures, I have chosen for the female miniatures from Darksword (just because I like these miniatures, I don't have any commercial connections with this manufacturer).

So, here is the feminised Conan setting:


Balthis, a female variant of Balthus. Of course you can use Slasher as her companion.
U can use this miniature from Darksword for Balthis:


The miniature is a female wildling with spear (Game of Throne mythos), sculpted by Jeff Grace https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/wilding-s...


Bêlit in red dress, a warmer dressed variant of the core game Bêlit. The drawings of Bêlit in red dress and winter dress is adapted from the Dark Horse Conan comics (Massimo Carnevale).
You can use this miniature from Darksword for a red dressed Bêlit, paint the dress red, or brown for Belit in winter dress:


You can also use this minature for Bêlit:




Bêlit in winter dress - for a Nordheim scenario. This is also a female variant of the core game Bêlit, adapted from the cover art of Massimo Carnevale (Dark Horse, Conan Comics).



This is Bêlit from the Brom-box (where she is explicitely naked), in red dress (adapted from the Dark Horse comics).


This is also Bêlit from the Brom-box, now in winter dress.

And the miniatures can be found here: https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/female-ro...

I have made two artist impressions from the painted miniatures, just to see how they work out if you painted the dress red or brown-orange. here is the result:



Ahh Bêlit, isn't she gorgeous?


Hadrathia, a female variant of the core game Hadrathus.
U can use this miniature from Darksword for Hadrathia:


The miniature is a female mage/druid, sculpted by Patrick Keith https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/female-ma...


Peliah, a female variant of the stretched goals Pelias character
U can use a female mage miniature from Darksword for Peliah:


Famale mage, sculpted by Tom Meier. https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/featured/...



And here ... Red Sonja, this character card is a copy of Conan from the Core Box. The drawing is and adaptation from Yamandu Orce Red Sonja, on Deviant Art. So, if you want to play with this Sonja, you have to replace Conan.
And yes, I know, this is a bikini girl with scales and boobs...


But her dress is totally comparable with Conan's half naked body.

U can use this miniature from Darksword for Red Sonja:


The miniature is sculpted by Jeff Grace, see https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/female-ba...

Oh, and when this version of Red Sonja is in play, than don't use the Conan character card(s) from the core game or other boxes!
In stead, use the young Conan character sheet if Red Sonja is present...


This young Conan is to be used as a replacement for an other male fighter character, in scenarios where Conan is replaced by Red Sonja. The drawing is from one of the Dark Horse Conan the Barbarian (Massimo Carnevale).



Red Sonja, a custom character to be used at your own risk together with Conan (this one can unbalance the scenario...).

And ... if you dont like a bikinigirl? I think there is some alternatave from the Darksword miniatures too, check this out. You can use this Red Sonja even in Hyperboria!


Here you find the miniature, its a female fighter, sculpted by Patrick Keith, based on a black and white drawing ftom Jeff Easley. https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/female-fi...



Shevata, a female variant of Shevatas.

You can use this miniature from Darksword for Shevata:


The miniature is a female assasin, sclupted by Jeff Grace https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/female-as...


Valeria warrior. For anyone who want to play with Paolo Parente's Valeria, but don't have the miniature or character card. This one can be played with Valeria from the King Pledge Box.
If you dont have Valeria, you can use these female pirate miniatures from Darksword as a proxy:


These miniatures are variant from a female pirate drawn by Elmore and sculpted by Tom Meijer.

These Elmore female pirates can also be used for the character cards. I developed 2 cards for them, based on both Elmore pirate variants and both valeria character cards, the one from the King pledge Box and Paolo Parente's Valeria.



Above: Valeria alternatives for the Valeria from the King Pledge box.



Above: Valeria alternatives for Paolo Parente's Valeria Warrior


Above: and here, a younger version for Zelata, also based on a Darksword miniature. It is a female shaman figure, sculpted by Patrick Keith.

Have fun with it!

Feminising Conan - Character Sheets-print A4 landscape v1a.pdf

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Welcome around, @ronveer and thanks for sharing your work regarding this matter.


You might be interested in a topic of the French-Speaking community which was looking for miniatures in the same spirit as yours:


You'll find there ideas by @Doucefeuille and @Edouard Le sec of feminine proxies of male characters or substitute for the scantily clad female characters.

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@ronveer great job!

For the alternatives minis, you could have a look at the Reaper's one. They are far cheaper than darksword! I know, the Darksword minis are very beatifull (especially the Elmore ones :p ) But it's hard to spend so much money to fix a board game, so I think Reaper is a good alternative as their minis could be found both in metal and plastic.

I also use them for alternatives units. Belit is a pirat captain, Valeria was a pirat too so the crew could be female! As the female picts in Scottia was warrior too, it's possible to have female minis in the picts units. The undead, the hyenas, the wolf you don't mind their gender :D

Some example for alternatives minis from Reaper

Valeria (Finaela from reaper) with two swords like the original one !

For Balthis, the alternative Balthus (Alistrilee from reaper)

For Shevatas (Londoni from Reaper, love her hair)

For Hadrathia and Peliah (Enora and Arcanamirim from Reaper)

For a Conan (or Red Sonja) alternative (the highlander heroine, Nadia of the blade, Iris or Frula)

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