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Hilarious Worthless Objects


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Recently I posted on the Conan's Facebook-group an idea for an Equipment Deck which is especially designed for Worthles (but sometimes not entirely useless) Objects.

Several users suggested that is is a good idea to post them on the Overlord's Forum. Well, here the are. Feel free to use them in your scenarios or campaigns.

How do these Worthless Objects work?

In a Campaign or Scenario the specific goals let you sometimes search for objects, where each object is represented by a chest or number token. Only 1 token shows the thing or person you need to find. The other tokens (or chests) are just blank. That's so dull and unimaginative, isn't it? Well for those who really want to find something, I designed an Equipment deck of Worthless objects. You cant do anything with these objects, but I bet you get a big laughter if you find only the 'Empty Tear Collector', in stead of the desired sword or captive princess.
Some objects are even useful, although only once. Such objects can be thrown to a person, and shatter when the action is done. Maybe Conan's next favorite weapon is the Pictish Coprolite, or a Nordic Drinkin'Horn. You never know. After the object is thrown, it is broken and finally useless - after all. You can fight some nice inn fights with some objects, but use them wisely. So not too much, since they can unbalance a scenario. But who cares if you can thraw the mighty Khitan Chamber Pot!?

You can find the cards, together with the You find me cardset, in the download section. Have fun with it! Organise a Bar Fight!

NOTE: don't tweek the cards. Some cards without a range symbol can be thrown in real life (like the lamps or the pictish tablet), but thats not the case here (Monolith's Conan is not a RPG-game) and it was never my intention to use dead flies as poison or a pictish clay tablet as a projectile. If there is no range symbol on the card, than the card is just a simple replacement for an empty chest symbol. Of course, you can also add some of the Worthless cards to the Treasure deck - especially if the players have the idea that everything is too easy. In that case, add some single use objects into the Treasure Deck, together with the more valuable regular objects. It is all up to you. The main idea of these cards is to have fun, especially when someone is rushin' into a room for a better weapon and only find the infamous Aquilonian Chamber pot or some dust and dead flies.

Have fun with Conan!


Pictish Coprolite_ranged.jpgScreenshot_2018-03-22_03-06-32.jpgDust & Dead Flies.jpgDirty Rags.jpg

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