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The Godless Sanctuary - spawning demons


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I'm trying to find any special rules for placing demons but actually can't. So this means standard rules apply and demons can be summoned only on tiles:

1, 15 (34), 24, 27?

What if those tiles will be covered by the opposite ones? Only tile 15/34 will be used as a spawn point?

Or the rule is spawn demons wherever you want if the tile is desecrated and without Western heroes?

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A:- In the scenario - The Godless Cathedral - when summoning the demon "The bloated", normal demon summoning conditions apply - the" bloated" can be bought into play during the Infernal players threat phase on a tile that has an unexplored opening and is unoccupied by western warriors.


If there are no unexplored openings OR the tile IS occupied, then the Infernal player may also use the board of destiny powers - "sneaky charge" or intrepid charge to bring the demon into play. 


"Sneaky charge" negates "the tile with an unexplored opening" restriction. "Intrepid charge" negates the unoccupied tile restriction.


The visible tiles of the top layer of the cathedral is considered the play area.


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