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Scenario Objective Question

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So, tried my first game with my kiddo, and I couldn't find a rule/example. 

I did "An Icy Welcome". The Scenario described the manipulation and concentration skill checks necessary to *activate* the cryo devices and bombs, but there was no mention of what the skill check would be to "Destroy the Cryo Devices" as described in the win conditions. 

Is it the same? 

I.E. - 3 concentration to activate the computer for the villain, and 3 concentration for the hero to destroy it? 

Also, once the bombs are armed, is it possible to disarm? And are they able to be destoryed/rendered unusable by a similar mechanic to my question about the computers above (would a manipulation 4 check by Freeze disable a bomb so Batman can't arm it later)? 



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In this scenario, the hero must launch bombs at specific locations. The villain initiates him cryogenic devices. The oblasts of the villain can pose token that hinder the advance of the hero. The hero can not do anything about these devices.

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@Vindhler - The heroes mission objective is to prime (Light the fuse if you are playing in TV series mode) 3 bombs at specific locations within 8 game turns, which will then explode and destroy the cryogenic devices thwarting Mr Freezes bank robbing plans.  


Mr Freezes' objective is to stop the heroes doing so,  so every time he activates a cryogenic device, he can use use it to turn game board zones into treacherous ice rinks (+1 Dangerous terrain level and +1 Difficult terrain level).


That's how he impedes the heroes from priming their bombs - Icy evil genius.


Heroes are unable to effect a cryogenic device.  And Mr Freeze is immune to the effects of the cryogenic devices. (insert evil cackle)

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