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Expanions ideas- Kull, Red Nails, etc


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First, let me apologize if I am not doing this right.  Not putting this post in the right place or something like that.  I am not familiar with forums in general and I'm new to this one in particular.  


So the recent Kickstarter (RIP) did get me thinking about the expansions to Conan I'd like to see.  I will admit I'm a traditionalist in most senses, so I do tend to go with the "more of what I love."  Still, I prefer to avoid redundancy.  So a list of the minis I most want to see are...


1.  Serpent Men (Kull stories mostly)

2.  Degenerate serpent men (Bran Mak Morn stories)

3.  Child of Set (from God in the Bowl)

4.  Crawler (from Red Nails)

5.  More apes.  Mostly I just need more ape men for my game.

6.  Living Idol- giant animated statue.  Bonus, it can be a prop or an enemy!

7.  Why not do King Kull as well?  Brule! And Thulsa Doom!  Skull head!


Now those aren't the only things I'd like to see but those are my priorities.  And really, why did we get a python offered in that last Kickstarter?  Given that a giant snake is in the base box set already it really didn't feel like an incentive.  Having said that, the minis that DID interest me were the deep ones, pirate archers, ballista, Kithan acolytes, Xaltotun, Gorm, spider, N'Yoga, Yog and Mitra.  Especially as how the latter could make for a good living idol.


In terms of maps here are my four big thoughts.


1.  Gladiator arena.  It would be dominated by a giant arena in the middle.  Get some of those cool pillars in there.  Then surrounded by seating for the masses, and an emperors viewing box.  Finally adjacent rooms for letting gladiators and beasts in.  Dramatic, powerful and intense.  If you're looking for what culture would most likely have this in the Hyboria age, I would suggest Turan or Hyperborea.  Bonus if it can somehow double as a racing track!


2.  Jungle.  I see people suggesting they want a Pictish village, frontier town or fort.  Last I checked we already have those.  Rather what I would like to see is a thickly jungled/forested area.  No civilized structures.  Done right it could apply to everything from the Pictish wildnerness, to the jungles of Khitai or the Black Kingdoms.  Have varied terrain like rocky outcroppings, rivers, etc.  


3.  Palace throne room.  If you're going to dethrone someone, they need a throne first!  I want a magnificent chamber to kill a king and place his bloody crown on my head.  We have a fortress or two, but not a really civilized, refined even genteel place in which to wreck havoc.  Imagine the centerpiece being a many columned throne room.  Then add side chambers for feasting hall, guard room, treasury, armory even a seraglio. Etc.


4.  Thieves themed boards- I think what would really sell this to me is a double map.  One level shows the rooftops.  The other shows the rooms beneath!  That would feel roguish to me.  Any scenario that has you dashing back and forth between roof levels and rooms is enticing!  Especially if one section would have a rich person's house and the rest are poor.  


So my picks for expansion boxes and what should be in them are...


Red Nails- Surprise, surprise.  Am I right?  This won on the poll way back and for good reason.  There's some good characters to turn into minis here, and I'll get my much desired Crawler.  Living idol is an easy add in here.  I see the maps being different sections of the city.  To make it different from other maps, it should be more claustrophobic.  Lots of narrow corridors, choke points, dead ends etc.  Finding your way around should be a challenge.  Also add in mechanics for things like secret doors, moving walls, trap doors and traps.  You need to fight the setting as much as the foes.


King Kull- Yeah, not even an option in the poll but in my mind a cool idea.  Could easily do the throne room and gladiator arena in this context.  All the minis I mentioned under 7.  It would be a fresh new resource to pull upon.  And let's not forget the serpent men!  Heck, enslaved vengeful ghosts could be a mini.  Still, I am guessing that there might be some rights issues here.


What do you think?



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I like some of these ideas. Red Nails in particular has a lot of unexplored potential, both for adventure scenarios (catacombs where Tolkemec was hiding?) as well as skirmish battles through the city of Xuchotl (which is basically what Conan and Valeria stumble upon in the story). The names sound like central American Aztec or something similar (which I'm sure inspired Howard) and would give artists and sculptors some concepts to work with.

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