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Intro Scenario

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When I play BGCC with people they are often overwhelmed at the all the skills on their character sheet and how to use them.  I usually just say, "Ignore them until the scenario calls for them."  This does not appease many people.  I have been toying with the idea of a intro scenario for beginning heroes.  This wouldn't be very challenging for the Villain.  The player being the villain would likely be more of an instructor than an actual player.

My initial scenario idea had the youngest Robin feeling that the others were unworthy and unprepared putting them through a test in the batcave using a variety of bats, bombs, bat-bots, and innocents who had been exposed to dangerous criminal concoctions.  The use of investigation and computers were also used to figure out what had happened to each bystander.  The players would get 11 rounds to have plenty of time to figure items out.  This would give exposure to many of the skills and elements in the game without such a narrow time frame.

While I wait for the scenario editor to solidify I wanted to throw some questions at the community.

Is this kind of scenario people would want ? Or is there an easier/gentle way of answering new player concerns over skills?

This scenario uses many elements from the VS and the Wayne expansion.  Should I retool to focus on core elements only? This would be for wider use.

Which skills seem to generate the most confusion?  I would prefer to focus on the worst offenders.

Thematically I had Robin picking on the younger members of the Bat Family.  Are there specific heroes that seem more confusing than others?


Thanks and I'll try to get a draft out soon after we see that scenario editor.

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