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Mythic Battles Solo/Co-op Beta rules -


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Mythic Battles Solo/Co-op Beta rules -

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Solo and Cooperative rules allow one or more players to play through specially designed skirmishes or scenarios that eliminate the need for a human opponent.

Instead, the players themselves will control the Nemesis’s dashboards and miniatures.

By using a system of targeting priorities, the players move the pieces and roll the dice against their own units. 

Beta rules for feedback and comments - 😃


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Overall, I have to say I really like the newly released solo rules!  They’re streamlined, easy to understand, and quick to implement.  For the most part, the player doesn’t have to make decisions for the AI (‘Nemesis’).  However, I do wonder if there isn’t a way to tweak Nemesis so that he can also win by absorbing four divinity stones.  How might this be achieved?

One way might be to add a second priority list, an ‘Omphalos Priority track’.  Under this scheme, at the beginning of each Nemesis activation, you would roll two dice (the 0-5 dice would be just fine).  Say on a roll of 7 or greater, Nemesis proceeds along the Omphalos Priority track.  On a roll of 0-6, Nemesis proceeds along the Targeting Priority track as usual.  However, before making the rolls, certain modifiers are applied.  For example, let’s say Nemesis is in a position where he can absorb an Omphalos that turn – perhaps we add a +3 or +4 modifier, making it likely he spends that activation absorbing the Omphalos.  Let’s say he has already absorbed one, two, or three Omphalos – it stands to reason that it may be in his interest to pursue more Omphalos, so we might add a +1, +2, or +3 modifier, respectively.  So, for example if he can absorb an Omphalos that turn and he already has three Omphalos, you wouldn’t actually roll at all – with a +7 modifier, he would proceed along the Omphalos track (as most players, I suspect, would as well).  Negative modifiers might include parameters such as a weakened player Divinity (in which case Nemesis might be better served proceeding along the Targeting Priority track and attacking the player Divinity), or if the remaining Omphalos are either very far away or heavily guarded.

Once it is determined that Nemesis will proceed along the Omphalos track for a given activation, then the player would follow the Omphalos priority track in much the same way he/she would follow the targeting priority track.  A sample track might resemble something like this:

1. Absorb Omphalos
2. Claim Omphalos
3. Move and claim Omphalos

4. Move towards closest Omphalos in empty area that allows unit to take advantage of their class (eg. Fireproof unit moving towards Omphalos in a lava terrain area)
5. Move towards closest Omphalos in empty area with terrain that confers defensive advantage

6. Move towards Omphalos in area with player unit(s)

This is Omphalos Priority track is *very* rough and will need to be reworked, but is provided just to give a general idea as to how this might work.  The initial die roll adds another layer on unpredictability, limiting the extent to which players can ‘pre-plan’ moves against Nemesis.  The die roll modifiers allow Nemesis to take into account the current board state when determining whether to go for an Omphalos with that activation, or whether to target a player unit.  This ‘weighted randomization’ acknowledges that in many game situations, it is debatable whether or not Nemesis should go for an Omphalos or attack a player unit, but hopefully will cause Nemesis to favour the action that most experienced players would opt for in a given situation.

This would definitely add a little more ‘fiddliness’ to the overall Nemesis AI, but I think with a few plays, players will get accustomed to it very quickly and going through the Omphalos and Targeting Priority tracks will quickly become almost second nature.  Successful implementation of this would provide a more balanced, complete Nemesis opponent who can secure victory in the same way a human can.  This also means the human player must play knowing that the Omphalos won’t necessarily just lay stagnant on the board, waiting for the human player to claim them.  Nemesis may cunningly lay claim to them as well!!

What do you guys think??

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