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  1. I use this forum (althoug I plan on using it a lot more once I get Batman and Mythic Battles Pantheon, the only two systems I play with)! People do read this 🙂 You can ask questions here and get official answers here! The last question I can't answer since I am not part of the official team. Hope your going to have fun here!
  2. Hey tet2brick I have recently read that you would stop with you scenario editors. Are you also going to stop with the Mythic Battles Pantheon scernario editor?
  3. I love and watch almost all super hero series and movies, dc and marvel. Wonder Woman life action, Dark Knight trilogie, Legends of Tomorrow first season, Young Justice (antimated series) and Batman the animated series I absolutely loved, most other series where/ are ok. Honorable mention goes to Daredevil (I know marvel...) Netflix series especially season 1 and 3. Stay away form the live action Titans thoug... That was just so, so bad...
  4. Òooh! That sound nice!
  5. Also to you all a great and productive 2019! Is it in the link by the way the first official conformation that the 3 MB is going to be Egyptian? I think it is 🙂 I also like to know more about the second Batman game, are there going to be some new expansions like with MBP or is it going to be a straight remake?
  6. Wow deep respect for the beautifull art of this man! Nice to read the interview. It really inspires me to pick up painting again.
  7. They do actually look on this site, but I thought with this particular problem it would be better to mail them (because on this site they can choose to react, but it is more meant for members of the comunity to interact).
  8. Happy to hear everything was resolved 🙂 and your welkome
  9. I don't know for sure but as the pledgemanager is closed up right now I don't think you would be able too. Maybe you could sent an e-mail to Monolith to ask?
  10. Oh yes one more tip this is a pdf for people new to painting hobby. Thoug it is form the armypainter and not completly objective (as they are trying to sell you their stuff) it still is a good place to start. https://admin.thearmypainter.com/files/downloads/guides/TAPTech-Guide_28pg_DigitalVersion_v1.pdf
  11. Form my own experience. I first started to learn how to paint with the Battle Games in Middle Earth series from Deagostini. It was a great way to learn how to paint. You got one painting workshop every two weeks (with either 12 plastic or 1 tin figure). I would sugest that was the nicesest way to learn how to paint. Step by step. When you paint your first mini, be glad if you paint 'within in the lines' with all flat collors. If you get the hang of that than start by aplying washes to you mini's. After that try drybrushing. After that highlighting. How I used to paint my mini's was: undercoat (black), basic collor, wash, and first highlights and when needed second highlights. Most of the time that will give a pretty desent mini (by my standaards anyway). What paints to start with depend on the troops you are going to paint. Always buy either black or white as udercoat layers. If you are using natural collors, 2 shades of brown and 1 wash of brown, 2 shades of green and one wash of green. Further for faces 2 shades of face collor and flesh wash and last but not least a metal collor (and if you want it fancy a black wash for the metal collor). So about 12 paints would be the basics I think. An other tip I would give is to start with the 'real' thing. It motivates you more to do your best on the one model. And if you screw up you can always paint over it later or even start over all together after stripping away the paint. But do begin with the less important models so that when you get to the important models you already have some skill. One last tip, start with a project and finnish it before buying new miniatures! It will save you a lot of money. I still have got some Lord of the Rings Models I need to paint... I have recently started painting those again to get in to the mood to paint the batman miniatures and the mythic battles pantheon miniatures. And read all the other comments there are some mighty good tips in there form far better painters than me.
  12. @garbetsp Do you know if there also is a record sheet about the scenario's from mythic battles pantheon?
  13. Well it looks like it is defenetly not official, but beyond that I would not know. I heard there was an other game first on wich MBP is based, so mabey it has to do with that...
  14. You are still on time, they are not yet send away
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