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  1. @garbetsp Do you know if there also is a record sheet about the scenario's from mythic battles pantheon?
  2. Strijdparel

    What is Erishkigal?

    Well it looks like it is defenetly not official, but beyond that I would not know. I heard there was an other game first on wich MBP is based, so mabey it has to do with that...
  3. Strijdparel

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    You are still on time, they are not yet send away
  4. Strijdparel

    Show your Bossonian Archers!

    So nice to see! When I will receive my MBP or Batman I would like to join (have not painted in years btw, so it will not be pretty), but it keeps you painting.
  5. Thanks for charing. Althoug I won't be buying Claustrophobia because I am not interested in the IP, I would like to ask, are you going to also do this with Mytic Battles Ragnarok? It is not that I have any problems with the new concept, but I do like the rush of waking up in the morning and having unlocked a new strechgoal.
  6. Strijdparel

    Photos from the Gen Con floor

    Nice pictures it makes me feel part of the event althoug I was not there. The picture of Scuba Batman is the first time I see him or did I miss it earlyer? Is it a secret extra figurene? Edit: Actually there are a few I have not yet seen...
  7. That is really great news! Thanks for charing!
  8. Strijdparel

    Online scenario Editor

    Hey tet2brick, Thanks again for making this great tool. I don't have any technical skill my self, so I have no idea how difficult this must have been to make. I also don't know if the sugestions that I am going to give are even technically possible but here it goes: I have 5 sugestions to make the tool even better than it now already is 🙂 1. Could you make it possible that we can make multiple scenarios in one file so that if we plan to make a campaign it can all be found in one file? 2. Some people would like to make this a game for 5-6 players on one map, so could you add 2 more players into the mix (although I personally think it is not the best idea to play with 5-6 players on one map, maybe some people could make it work with some scenario's)? 3. Could you make it possible so that under the Various tab you can also edit in trees and columns into the map? 4. Could you make it possible to make this program available offline, perhaps with a download or something like that? 5. Also there is one map I am missing; the unoffical Rockpools map from update #163 from the original campaign. Was this perhaps left out intentionally? Minor nitpicks: When you can select the forces for each player in the troops tab there are some troops without talents. Keep in mind I am a version 1.5 backer so I don't have the actual cards, but I tought every troop has talents. The cards it concerns are: -Infernal Artillerymen -Stymphalian Birds -Toxotai The area where you can drag the units to the map under the tab monster not all are corectly alphabetised namely these two: Charybdis and Ketos. In the same tab under Titans Atlas is also not corectly alphabetised In the same tab under Troops they are totally not alphabetised but the rest of the site is... Also you might want to split up the word infernalartillerymen so that in the layout it does not mess with the other troops in the tab. Last but not least, I would like to say this is a very powerful tool. Did you ever think of asking some money for it? If you don't want any money for it you could at least put your paypal adres on the site so people can give you somthing just as a little thank you. I know I would 🙂
  9. My list: -Arkantos from Age of Mythology -Xena from Xena warrior princess series -Gabrielle from Xena warrior princess series -Joxer the Mighty from Xena warrior princess series -Meg from disney movie Hercules -Phil from disney movie Hercules -Pain and Panic from disney movie Hercules -Wonder Woman -Kratos from God of war What would your list be?
  10. Here are some ideas for the new run in december what I personally would like to see. For me a few new scenarios or maps are always welcome. Also an officially printed map of the Rock Pool would be very nice. Here is a list of models wich I would like to see: Ablsolutely needed Models: -Charon (Hero/Monster) Already Confirmed -Demeter (God) -Three fates (Hero/Monster) Much appreciated Models: -Hestia (God) -Helen of Troy (Hero) -Oracle of Delphi (Hero/Monster) (nice gameplay posibilities; looking at the cards in deck, or at other people cards in the hand) -Tantalus (Hero/Monster) -Narcissus (Hero/Monster) Would also be nice but not per se needed/ highly unlikely -Morpheus (God) (nice gameplay posibilities; putting a unit to sleep) -Nike (God) -Pegasus only (without Bellerophon) (Monster) -Reprint of the Winged Ape (Monster) -Reprint of Ketos (Monster) What would you personally like to see?
  11. Dear Monolith, Congratulations on a very good reprint campaign! Don't be discouraged by some of the negative comments in the comment section of the kickstarter campaign. I went all in, and I will be back in december to back the new expansions for the game. I am also going to back Ragnarok next year. Keep up with the good work. Can't wait till february that I can play this game with my gaming group.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I understand there has to be enough demand for it (maybe making the price of the set a little higher could account for a litte less demand). I just really hope there is enough demand. Oedipus vs Sphinx is a great set to have in the collection. Just wanted to give my opion. Can't blame a girl for trying 😉 The new figures look great btw! Can't wait to kickstart the project!
  13. Strijdparel


    Hey everybody I am new here. I first backed the Batman Game, and so I got to know the Mythic Battles: Pantheon Game wich I am going to back in the reprint of june the fifth. In miniature games (I was once heavoly into Lord of the Rings Battle Games) I always like creating scenarios and hope to do so for Batman and MBP once I get them.
  14. Strijdparel

    Mythic Battle Online Scenarios Editor

    Thanks for the great tip, this is nice. Once I receive the reprint and played a few games I will give it a try.
  15. Strijdparel

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    Just a little tought, if compendium 3 would be ready by the time the reprint of MBP version 1.5 rolls around, could it be added (or as an add-on) to the reprint campaign?

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