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  1. Hi this is a bit a late responce, but I hope it helpes. In general I see pigs as walking omphalos, and by drawing an activation card you can move the 'omphalos'. They can not attack or be recalled, so to answer your questions: 1. Pigs are not usual troops, they are omphalos on legs and can only walk (when an activation card is drawn). They can not attack or be wounded. 2. No they are ompahlos, so the only the person who claimed them can move them. 3. Difficult to rule, because I see them as walking omphalos, than they would not block line of site. But you might want to experiment. 4. The pigs can never be recalled. The other side only if there is a god on the board. At least this is my interpretation of the rules, agree with you, it should have been made more clear.
  2. We are in the middele of a move, but after things settled down, I will have a look at it.
  3. YES!!! Is this true? Is it really comming? I want, and I want it now 🙂
  4. Looks very nice. The mini's look like they are in the style of mice and mysthics.
  5. Very nice! I should start painting my mini's too... It is just I have so little time...
  6. Oh, but it looked so legit 😋 and on topic
  7. Sure I would like to join, but I would only like to guess, not post screen shot because that is not really my thing. Would that be ok?
  8. Ah nice one, garbetsp. I had not seen it yet. After the Hera campaing my husband and I will take a look at those scenario's
  9. Hey Craigetheus, My husband and I are also working trough all the scenario's. Some of them are more doable than others, but still need a few houserulings to cover small missing parts of the explanation. Others are downright terrible and one of the parties does not stand a chance. We plan on releasing a topic about how to best play the scenario's in the future, but I don't know exactly when it will apear online, as we first want to play all possible scenario's before we make something like this. We have now completed all de scenario's form the main game and have now started with the Hera campain. Most of the time we do also like the skirmish game a lot more.
  10. I use this forum (althoug I plan on using it a lot more once I get Batman and Mythic Battles Pantheon, the only two systems I play with)! People do read this 🙂 You can ask questions here and get official answers here! The last question I can't answer since I am not part of the official team. Hope your going to have fun here!
  11. Hey tet2brick I have recently read that you would stop with you scenario editors. Are you also going to stop with the Mythic Battles Pantheon scernario editor?
  12. I love and watch almost all super hero series and movies, dc and marvel. Wonder Woman life action, Dark Knight trilogie, Legends of Tomorrow first season, Young Justice (antimated series) and Batman the animated series I absolutely loved, most other series where/ are ok. Honorable mention goes to Daredevil (I know marvel...) Netflix series especially season 1 and 3. Stay away form the live action Titans thoug... That was just so, so bad...
  13. Also to you all a great and productive 2019! Is it in the link by the way the first official conformation that the 3 MB is going to be Egyptian? I think it is 🙂 I also like to know more about the second Batman game, are there going to be some new expansions like with MBP or is it going to be a straight remake?
  14. Wow deep respect for the beautifull art of this man! Nice to read the interview. It really inspires me to pick up painting again.
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