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Nahtok found a ring in the depths of hell. With this ring he has been able to summon a demon of the night, but has
not yet been able to tame the demon and substantiate it’s physical form. To do so he has to sacrifice the soul of a
powerful warrior.
So in disguise Nahtok poisoned the wine of Conan and took the Cimmerian on to a ship called the Storm’s
Wake to smuggle him out of town, where Conan has a lot of friends, and to perform the ceremony of binding the
demon without interruption.
It did not take Amboola and Balthus long to find out what happened to Conan with the help of Zelata.
Amboola and Batlhus did not have to search to find a ship willing to chase down the Storm’s Wake. Belit, captain
of that ship had her own reasons to free Conan - lust. With Belit’s crew of five guards, Balthus’ hired Kothien
archer and Amboola’s contingent of five city guard, they give chase.
The white speck on the horizon soon grows to a sail, and then the Storm’s Wake. Seeing they will shortly be
overtaken, Constantius, the evil mercenary and currently captain of the Storm’s Wake, steers towards shore,
where his lighter vessel can escape over the coral reef’s shallow depths from Belit’s faster, but heavier pirate ship.

If Conan is given the Elixir of Live before the poison consumes him and Constantius and Nahtok are vanquished, then the heroes win.
If Conan dies from the poison and either Constantius or Nahtok are still alive, then the Overlord wins, or if the Storm’s Wake manages to reach the reef and escapes without enemies on board.

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