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  1. Great concept. But I am confused how the Overlord controls both the Strangler and the Dragons. Would it not be better to make the Dragons under Pallantides as a 3rd player?
  2. I'd like to see more: Maps Scenarios, especially with some of the less used, more exclusive miniatures. Heroic level human enemy fighters - as our group is getting exhausted killing wizards and monsters all the time. Maps Map tiles Map tile add-ons (2d & 3d scenery elements) Also would like to see: And Skelios vs Skelios 2 player rules. Similar to a table top skirmish game with a war-band building points system. I've done some work on ranking contestants, weapons, armour... Monolith_Conan_The skirmish game.xlsx
  3. Good questions. It is being carried by the two guards in Zaporavo's area.
  4. Hi there, Looking at taking this game further in to a miniature skirmish game, similar to MB:P but without having to get any new printed material/cards/etc, except for the second Book of Skelos - double layer of cardboard should do the trick. (If this generates any interest, I'll make some more scenarios. Even outright mass battle match-ups. Please let me know what you all think). The document starts with some enforced changes to the core rules. Not a lot mind you. And some recommendations for future scenarios... It is then followed by a scenario which pits Conan, Amboola, Belit and her guards and 10 pirates against Zaporavo and the Captain of the guard with up to 10 guards and 5 archers. The guard are transporting a large chest filled to the brim with tax gold from the city vaults to a heavily guarded barge. Conan and team have devised a cunning plan to intercept the shipment in the port and take it on to Belit's fast ship. But the guards have a surprise since they brought Thak along, but they still fall for the pirate ambush... The scenario also uses 2 maps - double the space required to play, but only for 2 players. LP301 - Pirate Attack 1.0.pdf
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