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The crew has received a tip-off that guards will be carrying the Tax collections of the town of Messantia to the main cargo vessel headed for the capital. The  cargo vessel is too well guarded to attack directly.  They plan instead a daylight robbery on route to the cargo vessel. If they can intercept the  gold before it reached the cargo vessel and bring it on board of Belit’s pirate vessels they will have enough loot to last them for months in luxury.

Conan sails in early on a captured merchant ship, pretending to come in to town for supplies.  He and Amboola plan the ambush to block the alleyways, forcing the guards from their path through city alleys to the foreshore.

Amboola springs the trap with unbreakable barricades and fire, and with excellent timing, Belit sails her ship and grapples next to Conan’s and leaves a skeleton crew behind, sending her best out to assist Conan and Amboola.

The town guard are no fools however, they brought in some heavy support with non other than Zaporavo and Thak to assist the city guard Captain and the fire from the barricades will surely bring more.  The fire will also  signal the raising of the harbour chain that will close the exit from the city by boat. It’s not going to be as easy as expected…


If the chest is on board of Belit’s ship without having any enemy crew on her ship at the end of a round, the pirates can cast off and sail away and win. If all three guard characters fall in battle, they also win.

 If the guards manage to take the chest off the map they win the game. If Belit’s ship has not cast off by the end of the 12th game turn then the harbour is closed and the guards win the game.

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