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  1. You might find the Board Game Geek page helpful. It has a corrected set up diagram for Attack on Fort Tuscalan and an FAQ thread that the author keeps an eye on. But I'm pretty sure the number you are asking about is supposednto be the number of heroes. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/266470/conan-monolith-sourcebook
  2. Glad you are enjoying the book despite the difficulty. It's been a good long while since I've played it but sometimes when a scenario seems lopsided it could be that a special rule was missed that might have helped. Or it could be the Overlord just played a good game and got lucky. Or the Heroes need to rethink their strategy and maybe work together better, like you said. Heroes should keep in mind that they don't necessarily have to all survive to win. Sometimes a "noble sacrifice" might give the extra gems need to tip the scales in the Heroes favor. For example in scenario 1, only Hadrathus needs to escape. It doesn't matter who else survives. So if Yogah stays behind to keep the Evil Hound busy or if Shentu spends all his gems to kill units hindering Hadrathus and can't escape or Ikhmet spends gems to hand items to Hadrathus so he doesn't have to spend gems- that's all valid. The Heroes need to work together closely to accomplish the goal- make sure everyone has a proper understanding of the onjectives.
  3. I think picking the Black Bird Horde as your starting Demon would have also changed the outcome.
  4. I'd say if you rolled exactly 9, yeah, you won. Sounds like you did everything right.
  5. @Roolz This scenario is looking great! I'm setting it up and have a question about the placement of the door next to the Giant Snake. Does it open into the snake's area or into the area above it? It's placed right on the boarder.
  6. Haha.! Thanks for reading. I appreciate the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it.
  7. That's pretty awesome!
  8. In Savage Avengers: Cursed Dry Work Conan and the Punisher battle thirst, the reawakened dead and dry skin! Like my other Savage Avengers scenarios, Cursed Dry Work is fully playable as a regular Conan scenario. Disregard all Marvel references and enjoy! Or if you have a Punisher Heroclix, the Stygia expansion and ALL those Skeletons from the King Pledge; lock and load! Conan the Savage: This scenario was inspired by the Conan the Savage figure from Privateer Press' Savage Mini Crate subscription. If you have it, use it! Otherwise use the corebox Conan figure. Crom doesn't care. M60: The Crossbow and some special rules for Circular Strike and Elite Shooter combine to represent the M60. Conan can also become frustrated with the strange device and use the M60 to smash in some skulls, but it won't be quite the same after. The Punisher: I chose N'Gora to represent the Punisher. He is a great all around warrior.. Great Melee and Ranged Combat stats. To keep the M60 in Conan's hands for a few turns I decided to hobble The Punisher a little bit with an injured arm from the crash. Savage Avengers Cursed Thirsty Work.pdf
  9. Sacrifice does not require a gem. It's not really an action. A player can choose to use it when their character is attacked. No gems needed.
  10. Wow! You really should promote this on the Conan Gaming Group Facebook page. And the Conan by Monolith boardgame group. This looks outstanding!
  11. Wow! That looks awesome. Hopefully someone rises to the challenge. It would be amazing to have this in English.
  12. You are right. We didn't explicitly cover that. I apologize for the ambiguity. It's not a super critical item and there is another one available in scenario 2, so it won't hurt to be hard on the losing Heroes. I'd encourage you to place the lost Crown in a chest in another scenario and give the Heroes a 2nd chance at finding it. If you can get the Overlord to agree to that.
  13. I like the red and blue that you chose!
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