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  1. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken All excellent points. Especially #3. Kind of a critical point. 🙂 Definitely open to suggestions. In the meantime, I will ponder these points. Perhaps a solution will present itself.
  2. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Matt John S @Neil Amswych @Ken @Primeval Gentlemen, I put together an optional scenario for the campaign that involves the possibility of the Spell Book to be stolen! By The Kushite Witch Hunters (dun dun dun!) Definitely don't what this scenario to derail the play testing of the main ones but I wanted to put it out here as an optional scenario to be included if it's up to par. And to address some concerns that have been voiced about the Spell Book. A couple cool things about it: it uses the only retail component that we haven't included, The Witch Hunters, and it's flexible to help the Overlord rid the Heroes of any items that might be giving them an easy ride. Let me know what you think! An Unfortunate Interruption.pdf
  3. Greetings, I am excited to present to you a Conan/Wonder Woman crossover scenario! The Heart of Ares. Conan and Wonder Woman join forces to stop a madman threatening both of their Ages! This scenario uses the Vanir Valkyrie to represent Conan. I have included a a Wonder Woman Hero card generously made by @Prohibited014 . This scenario also uses Ares, Wonder Woman's long time adversary, from the Mythic Battles Corinthia crossover expansion. Check it out and let me know what you think! Heart of Ares.pdf
  4. drmauric

    Online scenario editor

    Hi, @tet2brick I was wondering if you could change the Molosse Infernal to the Evil Hound (from the Khitai expansion) in the English Scenario Editor? Thanks!
  5. drmauric

    The Streets of Khemi

    @Neil Amswych @Ken FYI Thoth Amon's base move is already 2. He is allowed to move his base move, just can't add gems according to Ken's magic aura rules.
  6. drmauric

    The Streets of Khemi

    @Neil Amswych Success is not exactly tied to Hadrathus. Him using the Sorcerer's scepter's Lighting Storm is only one avenue of victory for the Heroes. The other way is to kill the Outer Dark Demon, get the Artifact and kill Shuang Mian. That's what the crossbow in the chest is for. Also that was what was driving my thinking that Shuang Mian's life points should be lower and Conan should get more firepower. Because, yes, it is hard to pin down the Outer Dark Demon. Hard but not impossible and once the Heroes get him then it is more likely that they can kill him. And if Shuang's HP is lower, Heroes that are exhausted late in the game stand a chance of damaging him. So even if Hadrathus is killed early, there still is an option, albeit a hard one, for the Heroes to win. Using Lightning on Thoth is the obvious easy avenue, but not the only one. And the wizard's can't necessarily just sit still. They have to connect to win. Or kill all the Heroes. But the longer the Heroes are alive the more likely it is they will do some damage because as you pointed out, due to reinforcement rate the river doesn't get dredged, so there is a long wait between activations, unless the OL wants to spend big, but then he can't defend. I found that the Heroes really needed to know how to use their Skills. Niord's Blocking can tie up a ton of minions and his Amidextrous can chop them down . Ikhmet needs to be opening chests with his red die manipulation. Even Hadrathus' concentration skill came into play once. (we had to look it up because it hardly ever gets used!) And yes, Hadrathus seriously need to be kept safe. He can't be a front line fighter and don't get carried away with Teleportation. (I had a player get Hadrathus killed in the 3rd round, it was a long night for him, but he knew he messed up) This is why I suggested giving Conan a 2H weapon so he can excel in his role: killing st*ff. 🙂 For sure this one is hard for the Heroes. I played 3 times and Heroes lost. But the OL was sufficiently threatened all three time. Ultimately the OL played a better game/ got lucky early. Both Heroes and Overlord have to bring their best to this one. While my Heroes got beat, they enjoyed the challenge and learned from their mistakes. Unfortunately being the end if the campaign, that's a bitter pill to swallow. EDIT: Basically, if the Heroes screw up early then I can see how this may seem unbalanced in favor of the OL.
  7. Friends and Otherwise, After receiving a good bit of encouragement about my first attempt at Conan fanfiction, I am please to present my second attempt! The Defilers in the Tomb. "Conan seeks treasure in a tomb that has been undisturbed for thousands of years. Or has it been?" This story is more action and less drama than The Weight of Years. I've never really written an action piece before. I'd love to hear what you think! The Defilers in the Tomb.pdf
  8. @garbetsp It is amazing how hard it is to hit a Minion with even a 2 armor! But to see it explained mathematically helps. Great point about considering the dice rolls, definately needs to be a consideration. Wise gem use is definitely a strategic point lots of players miss. It effects scenario balance as well. During my playtesting I will often "go crazy" spending huge amounts of gems on an action, a big attack, big defense, or rerolls until I get my result, massive teleportation etc, just to see if I can "get away with it" and to see how the crazy idea effects the scenario as a whole. Can the player recover from it? How does their opponent respond to it? Does it "wreck the game"? As you mention Conan has to look for opportunities when the OL is low. The challenge for designers to to make sure that doesn't happen too soon or too late.
  9. drmauric

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    @Footballzs Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately the French language on the Evil Hound tile is a limitation of the Scenario Editor. I will see what I can do to make it more clear on my end and I will message the admin. of the editor to see if he might be able to change it. But good catch, I'll see what I can do. Thanks.
  10. drmauric

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    @Footballzs The links on the first page of this thread are where you can find the most recent updated individual scenarios. Thanks to Ken for clarifying that.
  11. drmauric

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    The most recent ones to make changes have been Fight or Flight and The Streets of Khemi. However it may be helpful if you start at the beginning and work your way through the entire campaign, as time allows, using the campaign rules. We haven't really tested those through the whole thing yet. Thanks!
  12. drmauric

    The Streets of Khemi

    @Ken I'll vouche for the importance of this change. I played it wrong. I made the exact mistake Neil described. Oops. I guess I owe you another run through.
  13. drmauric

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    @Neil Amswych Thanks for catching the spelling errors. I fixed them in my original pdf. I also clarified the wording around the blue gems. The red gems on the spellbook card can be combined with Hadrathus' blue gems to cast a spell. (I also appreciated the jab about weird American spelling and then you bringing up the colour... (pronounced "color") of the gems...) 🙂
  14. drmauric

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    @Matt John S I definitely like the idea of Monolith's playtesting the campaign, that's a pretty cool offer. If they are willing, I say we at least try for it when we are ready.
  15. drmauric

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    I updated and clarified the Crowded Stairs rules in "The Time For Flight Is Nigh". I put * on the map to indicate the small stairs on each level. I also added "Floors" to the list of things that the Heroes cannot move or teleport through.

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