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  1. Long, Cold, Winter part 2: Plague! is ready to download. The winter presses hard on a frontier town. An outbreak of the Plague makes it necessary to leave... immediately. Necessary Expansions: For this scenario you will need access to a King Pledge and the Nordheim expansion. The tiles are from the Perilous Ruins and Forgotten Cities Geomorphic Tile set from Modiphius. Long Cold Winter pt 2 co-op.pdf
  2. Long, Cold Winter is a 3 part campaign using the solo/co-op mode found in the Monolith Sourcebook from Modiphious. "A bitter cold has beset the northern reaches of Cimmeria. Bandits, villagers and beasts vie for what little sustenance can be found." Part 1 Lair of the Ice King A Bandit known as the Ice King has been terrorizing several villages on the frontier. Folks are getting desperate. They pool their meager resources and hire some mercenaries to rid themselves of the Ice King. Necessary Expansions: This scenario requires access to King Pledge components, the Monolith Sourcebook, as well as the Nordheim and Corinthia expansions. The tiles are from Forbidden Places and Pits of Horror Geomorphic Tile set from Modiphius. Part 2 Coming Soon! Long Cold Winter pt 1 co-op.pdf
  3. @Epaka Sorry we didn't see this sooner! You can always give us a shout on the Conan Gaming Group on Facebook. I get notifications on my phone from Facebook, so I'm more likely to see it there, if the question is urgent. The VP conditions listed in the Objectives section of Fight or Flight replace the normal 1 VP rule. Thanks for playing. Let us know how it goes.
  4. drmauric

    Wine Into The Water

    UPDATE I clarified the event, noting that Conan could be stood back up and I also added to the special rule "Friends Not Foes" that if by some chance Belit is reduced to 0 Life Points the game ends in a tie. The new file is in the original post. Thanks again for the feedback.
  5. drmauric

    Wine Into The Water

    @MrNanaba I am sorry I didn't see this sooner! Yes, Conan can get stood back up with the Crow/Event tile, that is the intent. Glad your son was amused by the intro. I had fun writing it. Thank you for playing. Let me know how it goes.
  6. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Chips Awesome. Thanks for doing that. I hope people like it!
  7. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Arthadan Awesome! Glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for playing and thanks for letting us know.
  8. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    I guess in my opinion, it's implied. I mean if you are foolish enough to ditch the spellbook in other scenarios... well, what do you expect? It's a CARRYover item. 🙂 I also don't think the need or the opportunity to pitch the spellbook comes up anywhere else in such a way as to create a serious problem that will need a ruling.
  9. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Neil Amswych I am also inclined to say anyone.
  10. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    first scenario- correct, Wall Wrecker may not be used to pass through any/every floor.
  11. drmauric

    Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    @Epaka That is high praise indeed! Thank you. Glad you are enjoying it. It was great working with a team that appreciates the game and and whose goal was to produce a quality product for everyone to enjoy. And don't let @Footballzs fool you... feedback like his was essential in addressing the very issues that you mention. 🙂
  12. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

  13. Conan comes to his senses after the mine he was tasked with guarding has collasped, only to face something more terrible. The sudden earthquake has closed the way up, but what has it opened below? Conan must escape the ruined mine before all of the miners are consumed by The Devourer in the Dark.... A new scenario featuring the Tunnel map from the Stygia expansion, the Villagers from Corinthia and a lot of tentacles... a lot... The Devourer in the Dark FV.pdf
  14. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    Printed just fine for me.
  15. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    Sorry @ken I can't test it until late this afternoon.

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