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  1. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    That sounds like a great plan!
  2. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    I applied the Reroll and Yellow die to any action. But I like it this way better. It's a little more straight forward. If we go this route we may want to clarify it in the book.
  3. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    Glad you found the old back up. I'll be looking at it through out the day. I'll let you know if I find anything.
  4. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    Thanks @Ken !
  5. drmauric

    Modiphius Conan Crossover

    Arrgh! I still need to redeem myself from being a perfumed fopp due to my failed attempt at glory when playtesting the solo/coop mode. Thanks for bringing up that old wound. 🙂 But seriously, this book is great. So much content! Looking forward to the boardgame campaign for sure.
  6. drmauric

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    @Footballzs This sounds similar to my play through. A lot of positioning for that final turn. The feedback is appreciated.
  7. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    I could totally get into making a serialized story/campaign batch of scenarios for something like that.
  8. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Epaka This is a fan made campaign. Nothing more, nothing less. We intend to bundle it into a super cool looking PDF and make it available for download right here on The Overlord. Stay tuned 🙂
  9. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    The last scenario has been finalized. 🙂
  10. Conan gets into the ship's wine supply and becomes a bit rowdy. Belit is not amused. This quick, 2 player scenario features Conan, as an Overlord minion, pitted against Belit. Both seek to destroy the wine. Both have different ways of accomplishing it. Wine Into The Water.pdf
  11. Belit and Conan raid a Stygian port looking for booty, be it flesh or be it gold. and Pillaging.pdf
  12. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    I can help with that, no problem. I sent you a PM via Facebook. Thanks.
  13. drmauric

    Community Generated Campaign

    @Matt John S @Neil Amswych @Primeval @Ken @Footballzs Hey guys, Looking to finalize a few things on the Campaign. #1 Has everyone updated their PDF? (see my previous post) If you have please confirm that yours is finalized. If you need/want help feel free to use the "share" function in the Editor. "Share" it with me and I can assist. #2 Here is an updated Reward chart that reflects the 5 VPs and some other ideas. I feel that this new chart combines the best of all our ideas. It also ties nicely into our ongoing Bonus gems and the rewards keep both sides on pace with each other so one side doesn't run away with the campaign. The rewards are interesting without knocking the final scenarios out of balance. Hero 0-1 VP 3 Bonus Gems 2-4 VP +1 Armor 5 VP+1 Armor +1 Reroll Overlord 0-1 VP 3 Bonus Gems 2-4 VP +1 Armor 5 VP +1 Armor +1 Yellow Die Please share your thoughts concerning the new chart. #3 How do you guys feel about an October deadline? I think we are almost there. A month gives us time to get Footballz feedback, finalize our scenarios and time for Ken to sweeten up the PDF.
  14. drmauric

    Better Be Worth My Trouble

    Updated file. Cleaned up the wording in the intro.
  15. drmauric

    Ladies Night

    I posted an updated version of Ladies' Night. I cleaned up some of the wording in the Intro and added a bit to the Hallway Corner special rules. Now the Heroes are at risk if they get cornered. Thanks for checking it out!

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