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  1. Devil in Iron campaign book

    I think some of them could. The later scenarios are designed with a couple extra skills for each character and maybe some extra gear in mind but I think with a little reading ahead and improvising it could be done. Just my opinion.
  2. Community Generated Campaign

  3. Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken I don't think I will be able to get anything on the table this week, but I did a couple of read throughs and didn't detect anything overtly off. It took me a minute to figure out why Conan wouldn't just rush in and kill Atali... but your title kind of hints at that. Well done. I think Hadrathus aquiring the Mind Control spell is critical and a great idea. I like Yogah being able to damage himself. The inner struggle really fits his character. So without actually playing it through, it seems good to me. (For what that is worth. :) Just offering that fresh set of eyes you asked for)
  4. Community Generated Campaign

    Running from a creature with Blocking is tricky. That is why I switched to the Evil Hound from Khitai (no Blocking) and made it impossible to harm the Evil Hound. No choice but to run!
  5. Community Generated Campaign

    @Neil Amswych FYI Matt posted this back on Jan 20. It is a picture of the retail available spells. Inversion is a stretch goal. Sorry. Maybe Teleportation could work instead? And as far as the second dot: it is just indicating Line of Sight from different directions. Around the corners of that center building. Making that space easier for ranged attacks to hit. There is a similar area on the Nordheim hill map. As far as killing the Dark Demon, I think it's ok, narratively speaking the Heroes simply "drive it off". Similar to a Hero dying in a previous scenario. It turns into a "narrow escape" or they were "knocked unconscious" for the purposes of the campaign. Players will have to use their imagination. :) Besides I thonk at some point some of the other guys are "evolving" it to the Outer Dark Demon. EDIT: There is a place under "Home Made Unofficial Scenarios" where you can make requests for the Scenario Editor, under Tools. You can ask for the Crossbowmen tile to be added there.
  6. The Devil in Iron

    When I played through it each side seemed to go in streaks. Heroes would win a couple then the Overlord would win a couple. It gets hard for the Heroes toward the end. If I am remebering correctly there is one scenario with LOTS of mummies with 3 armor and the Jinx skill. I wouldn't count your Overlord out just yet. The Overlord won when we played. Try ganging up on a Hero, that will slow down their advancment because a dead hero can't spend their XP before the scenario and it will also get you some XP for those double gems. Try keeping your beat up minions away from the Heroes so they don't eliminate the tile and get XP. Good Luck!
  7. Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken I took a quick glance at The Trap. Looks pretty sweet. Love the 2 maps and the special rules for Yogah. Seems like a solid idea.
  8. Online scenario editor

    Hi, Thank you for this fantastic tool. I was wondering when you get a chance could you add Bori's Hammer to the equipment list? From the Legend of the Devil in Iron Campaign book. Thanks.
  9. Community Generated Campaign

    @Neil Amswych The Stygian Artifact card may work. (FYI it weighs 2) I am using it mine to represent a Pendant that Hadrathus has to collect on his way out of the Tower, but it has no bearing on the Campaign overall. And there are 3 Amulet Fragment cards in Nordheim. Not sure if those are being used.
  10. Community Generated Campaign

    @Neil Amswych That is a total bummer. One that I am all too familiar with (for other projects). Glad you got things back on track.
  11. Community Generated Campaign

    The number 1-13 tokens may be a viable option for Yogah to use instead of gems. 1 face up, 12 face down.
  12. Community Generated Campaign

    It was a little more Tolkien, "dark powers rising in the South", until we started talking about titles and I had recently re-read The Phoneix on the Sword.
  13. Community Generated Campaign

    Alright Fellas, here's the opener. Let me know what you think. (Now I can look at Ken's and Primeval's.) The Time For Flight Is Nigh.pdf
  14. Community Generated Campaign

    @Matt John S That is very strange indeed. We can go with Loser gets nothing. I think the main thing is to not let a side that gets lucky a couple times in a row run away with it.
  15. Community Generated Campaign

    Yup. That looks right to me.