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  1. This soundtrack is great! I recently purchased Claustrophobia-1643 and just used it for our first game. Thanks!
  2. @Gull Great questions, thanks for taking a look. Drinking a barrel of alcohol is, indeed, free for Conan. Attack from Beyond is triggered normally, when Belit is finally removed from the board in Conan's bed chambers, not every time Belit is attacked and chased off.
  3. Avast, ye seadogs! @Ken and I have teamed up to bring you our third booklet packed with loot freshly plundered from fat Argossean merchant ships lolling about the Barachan Islands like overfed seacows. Belit, Queen of the Black Coast features three previously posted scenarios that follow Belit's rise from a dockside tavern thief, to a fearsome raider and ultimately a pirate queen. The fourth scenario, written by Ken, uses only retail, core box components. The final scenario, exclusive to this booklet, takes place years after Belit's tragic end. She now haunts the dreams of her former lover, Conan, now King of Aquilonia. Throughout these scenarios you will get to play Belit and Conan both as a Hero and as an Overlord minion. 1. "A Perfumed Fop"- Belit must rescue the prince. 2. "Wine into the Water"- A lover's quarrel endangers the ship's supply of wine. 3. "... and Pillaging"- The Pirate Queen demands booty, be it flesh or be it gold. 4. "Reclaiming N'Kudalla"- Belit leads her crew on a mission of vengeance. 5. "Drinking and Dreaming"- Exclusive to this booklet. The Queen of the Black Coast haunts her former lover's dreams. To fully enjoy this booklet you will need the following expansions: King Pledge, Stygia, Brom Guest Box, Xavier Collette Guest Box. You can also find our other 2 booklets, Tales of the North and Feast for the Starving God, on The Overlord. As well as Whispers From Stygia, a project we both contributed to. Belit, Queen of the Black Coast.pdf
  4. Feast for the Starving God is a 3 part story campaign in which the player roles are reversed. The Heroes play the part of a villainous pirate gang trying to secure a cargo of flesh for the nefarious purposes of their employer. Meanwhile, the Overlord takes on the role of the helpless villages and those who would seek to thwart the Starving God at all costs. You will need access to a King Pledge, Kushite Witch Hunters and the Corinthia expansion to fully enjoy this campaign. Components from other expansions are used but easy substitution suggestions are given. Feast for the Starving God.pdf
  5. @Lone Pathfinder The Overlord controls the Black Dragons in order to interfere with King Conan's search. Since they are overlord minions they aren't used to actually attack the Strangler. (They can't hurt him anyway because of his 3 armor. ) So even though, thematically, they are hunting for the Strangler, they can't really find him. And they interact with him as a member of the same side. Conan can also move the ladies of the night into a Black Dragon's area for protection agaisnt the Strangler. So the Black Dragons are kind of pawns for both sides. This kind of represents, in the story, them searching for the Strangler but never discovering who he is. And of course, the King doesn't want to be discovered either, so I felt it best to have them on the Overlord side to be a hassle for Conan. Like the police in a Batman story, maybe. Hope that helps you see what I had in mind for this scenario. I'll definitely consider how I can make that less confusing. I also wanted it to be a 1 Hero scenario, because Conan was solo in the comic. And I usually tend to avoid the kind of special rules it would take to make it a 1v1v1. Though that is not a bad idea. Having Pallantides as a 3rd side, hunting for both. Hmmm... Thanks for checking it out and for your feedback.
  6. King Conan takes to the back streets and shadow laden alleys as a "strange phantom in the night" in an effort to stop a savage Strangler that has been stalking Tarantia's "entertainment" district. Inspired by Marvel's Conan the Barbarian #4 "The King in a Cage" by Jason Aaron. Low gem counts make this more a battle of witts than steel. As Conan must maneuver his allies and find the evidence against the Strangler while avoiding the watchful eye of his own elite guards, the Black Dragons. The Stangler races against time and the "strange phantom", he too, wants to avoid attention. And the King dying in the Stangler's favorite haunt would bring way too much attention... Strange Phantom in the Night.pdf
  7. The two stories in The Overlord Magazine vol 2, Part of the Host and Thog are fantastic. Super creepy, Lovecraft meets Howard, Twilight Zone, mind bending craziness. Well done @Not Quite Dead and @Pallantides "He languished in the dark, viscous abyss below Xuthal." "All the obscenity and salacious infamy spawned in the muck of the abysmal pits of Life..." Very vibrant story telling. Especially considering how both stories end. You guys took me to a cold, dark, lonely place. Thanks for sharing.
  8. @Not Quite Dead Hello and thanks for playing. I am especially thrilled about the extensive feedback. I am glad you and your group enjoyed the scenario. In playtesting we found that the Vanir Valkyrie was indeed quite powerful and I certainly understand your Valeria as a sidekick assesment. (even within a gender there often isn't equality 😉 ) This scenario started off including a 3rd Lady Hero, but that idea was reluctantly abandoned because I really wanted to include the Valkyrie. And, obviously, she can hold her own. We also discovered, much like playing as Conan, if the Vanir Valkyrie gets too far ahead of her partner she can be quickly overwhelmed and run out of gems if the Overlord focuses on her exclusively. Remember, in this scenario, if one hero dies the Overlord wins. An aggressive Overlord might be able to take out a Valkyrie that has overspent her gems. Or an Overlord that spends gems on Guard actions may blunt her attacks. So, while Valeria may seem like a sidekick, both must work together to keep the Overlord from focusing on just one of them. Valeria is a killing machine in her own right. So keeping the weaker minions off of the Vanir Valkyrie often may need to be her focus. And the Valeria player may need to take risks and spend gems on Movement to stay relevant. And- definitely- never let Seski be alone. I'm glad you picked up on that. If a player misses that part of the strategy the scenario kind of flops. 🙂 Thanks again. I am glad you enjoyed it overall. Looking forward to hearing more from you as you have opportunity.
  9. @AkronTony The Nordheim expansion is not needed for this particular scenario. However, you will need a King's Pledge in order to have enough Heroes with the required skills. Also you will need the Monolith Sourcebook for the solo rules.
  10. @Footballzs Thanks for playing! The solo rules do indeed require a different mindset. Hopefully once you get familiar with the rules you'll score a win. Keep me posted of there's anything that I put in that's not working for you. Your feedback is always appreciated.
  11. @AkronTony All the tiles needed for the scenario are presented in the downloadable pdf file above, in the original post. 🙂
  12. Getting Whispers from Stygia in print would be super cool, for sure!
  13. @Roolz Where do we submit content?
  14. @Footballzs Awesome! Thank you. If you could, please let me.know how it goes.
  15. Conan was minding his own business at the local tavern... A new scenario using the Monolith Sourcebook's solo/ co-op rules. The Way Out solo v2.pdf
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