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  1. Seeking a Scenario for the Overlord Book

    My contest entry: First Mistake, Last Mistake A pict raiding party has stolen a certain Cimmerian's sword. First mistake or last mistake? Cold steel and dark sorcery will soon sort it all out. First Mistake Last Mistake.pdf
  2. Gentlemen and Otherwise, I am willing and able to play test your Conan scenarios! If you create them on www.conan-scenarios.com and you're open to constructive criticism and working together to enjoy this great game, let me know, I'd be happy to help! The best way to contact me is via Facebook Messenger. I'm in the Facebook Gaming Group that Matt John admins. (Dan Mauric) This keeps creative process private until you are ready to share your work. Or post a link here as a response. But, again, I'd rather communicate in private until you are ready to share your work. A couple of caveats: I'm no expert, nor do I represent Monolith. So this is an non-official offer. I'm just a guy looking to get the most out of his game and help others to do the same. Who knows what might come from our efforts? To quote Matt John "The Overlord website is what we make it." And this is my attempt to add to the Community. I have a King Pledge with all the exclusive add-ons. I also have Nordheim, Khitai and Stygia. (And it's easy enough to proxy in the Guest Boxes, Black Ones and Dragon.) I don't have Mythic Battles or Bloodrage, so I can't help with scenarios that involve those games. And I'd really rather not print a huge custom map or home brew characters, so I'd pass on those as well, (sorry, though lot of what's out there looks cool) I would prefer to stick with official Monolith Conan components. I will (usually) be able to get back to you in under a week. So the process can move along at a decent pace. And finally, FYI, I'd be playtesting solo. Like, right hand verse left hand. I've found this to be a great way to try new things with out boring a group to death or wasting their time with a scenario that isn't quite ready yet. I do have a group that I would present a finished or near finished scenrio to for final analysis. So if all that sounds good... and if you have a scenario that's ready to share, let me know! (or not, I care about as much as Crom would). Dan
  3. Rescue at the top

    This is a great scenario! Exactly as advertised. Simple, quick and brutal. Great use of components, good special rules. Interesting tactical choices for the Heroes.
  4. The Ineffable Name Part I

    Hey guys, This one is definately worth checking out! It's a worthy challange for both sides. Great story and great use of tentacles.
  5. A contest of Mythic Proportions!

    Argonaut going to Pan him for Jason Hera-way? Do Zeus think this game is going to be Amazon-ly epic?
  6. A contest of Mythic Proportions!

    I Apollo-gize for trying to be the Centaur of attention but I am trying to win a contest so I guess it's Poseidon the point.
  7. [Stygia] Port

    Yes. My map has a line of sight dot on the lower wall to the right. (Kind of where the white dot is in the picture. across from the door on the lower building) It would, in effect make that entire wall a space. Obviously, it's not, but you know how gamers can be. No big deal, one of my players pointed it out. He was trying to scam us, all in good fun.
  8. [Stygia] Port

    Has anyone else noticed the line of sight dot on the wall of the building in the upper left? You can't really see it in the picture above, but it's on the lower right corner of the building. You can see it clearly on my board. Probably just a misprint?
  9. I think what you are doing sounds great. My point about excessive special rules is that, when used properly, they greatly enhance the game. I just feel that special rules shouldn't disrupt the over all format of the game. I used a couple special rules in my scenario but the game still plays like Conan rather than Warhammer, D&D, or a video game survival mode. Again, I'm no expert, but when I see multiple pages of special rules I tend to put that scenario into the "I'll try that one later" pile, and you know how that turns out in the gaming world. :)
  10. I originally posted this on Board Game Geek in a discussion about creating "balanced" scenarios for Monolith's Conan board game. People responded positively to it so I thought it might be useful here. I've only made one scenario that I felt was good enough to share out of several attempts. So I'm no expert, but here are my thoughts anyway. #1 Play a lot. Play through all the Official scenarios. And play as many unofficial fan made scenarios as you can find. The Official scenarios will help you understand how a scenario is "supposed" to be. And the Unofficial ones will help you see what works and what doesn't work. You will also learn what effects balance. Circular Strike in Hunting the Tigress wrecks the scenario. But a high reinforcement value in Blood Red Dawn (Nordheim #1) nullifies Circular Strike. Archers balance out Evasive. Ranged weapons for the Heroes can snag an escaping Villian at the last second. A tempting treasure chest just a little too far away can run the clock out on a greedy Hero. Blocking can make a heavily armed Hero pretty much useless. Single gem attacks with Ambidextrous make the Overlord spend extra gems on Defense rolls for heavily armored Monsters. By playing as much as you can you will see what works and what doesn't. What you like and don't like. #2 Play by yourself first. That way you aren't wasting anyone's time. This is especially true when playing a fan made scenario, whether yours or someone else's. This will also help you detect problems with your own scenario, because you know what each side is going to do, so you have to really think through each move. #3 Avoid excessive special rules. Conan is a great game, custom scenarios should not "reinvent" the game. I want a Conan scenario, not a new game that uses Conan components. Keep it simple. And steal special rules from Official scenarios. I loved the way the Crows reinforce in the Nordheim expansion, so I used it it mine. Or the interrogating the priest's in The Wrath of Anu. Poison in Stygia. Steal Official special rules for your scenario, rather than invent your own, you already know they work. This also keeps everything uniform so other players will understand the rule. Meaning, for example, use Monolith's poison rules, rather than inventing your own. #4 Avoid using too many pieces. The Conan minis are awesome. I want them all on the board, but that rarely works out well. Conan is not a table top war game, it's a scenario based skimish game. By definition it uses less mini's and more story... which leads my next point... #5 Write a good story. We all love Robert Howard's stories. Honor him with your story telling. Craft a good story and build your scenario around it. Fit the minis, board, special rules and other game mechanics into the story. Nordheim is great because it loosely follows The Frost Giant's Daughter story. A great story makes your scenario more immersive, you feel like you are in the story. The Unofficial scenario Torrid Night is a great example of this also. Great, funny story, with simple game mechanics to play out the story on the board. #6 Don't overly strive for a "perfect" balance, strive for a great game experience that brings people back for more. Balance is a strange issue because often times people seem like they feel a scenario is out of balance if they don't get the result they want. "It's impossible for the Overlord to win" or "I can't win with the Heroes." Just because a scenario is hard or even "impossible" for one side doesn't mean the game is wrecked and out of balance. 50-50 balance is fine if the players are evenly matched. 60-40 is better if one player is more skilled. Chess is a perfectly balanced game and it gets kind of dull in a hurry. Each Conan scenario is, in a way, a unique game unto itself. That's what makes it awesome. That is it's strength. A great example of a fun 60-40 scenario is the official scenario The Terrible Lovers. It is tough for the heroes to win, but it is a solid well balanced scenario. And most importantly fun and challenging. #7 Quit easily. If your scenario isn't working for you, it probably won't work for anyone else. Set it aside for later and try something else. #8 Have fun for Crom's sake. Or not. Crom doesn't care if you waste your time being frustrated over perceived "balance" issues or page after page of special rules. As long as enemies are crushed and driven before you and women are lamenting, everyone wins. These are just my thoughts, for what it's worth. (go easy on me, :) )
  11. FIrst Mistake, Last Mistake

    Thank you for the feedback, it is definitely welcome and appreciated. I'll take care of all the items you pointed out. As for tagging, there isn't a "Nordheim expansion" tag specifically, so I added the "extensions" tag. I hear you about the Secret Forest Passage for Zogar Sag. Here's what I found in playtesting: I think it's kind of balanced out by extra gem the Hero recovers because of the Blood Boiling rule. and also the low gem Recovery for the Overlord keeps gems at a premium. Keep in mind that Hindering applies. So if Zogar is left alone with Conan it costs 2 movement points to escape through the Secret Forest Passage. So Zogar can still get away, but not too far. :) Also the 6 turn limit means Zogar's turn is only going to come up a couple times. So unless the Overlord decides to spend extra gems to activate him out of sequence, Conan will likely catch up to Zogar. Also Conan the Wanderer has 3 movement points so that helps him catch up as well. I'd love to hear your thoughts when you get a chance to play it. I probably have some blind spots in regards to this scenario. I'd love for it to be enjoyed by all, with no bugs. Thanks again, Dan
  12. A Pict raiding party has stolen a certain Cimmerian's sword. First mistake or last mistake? Cold steel and dark sorcery will soon sort it all out. First Mistake Last Mistake.pdf
  13. Vaniria is in the Fort

    I enjoyed this scenario. You accomplished exactly what you intended. I'll be using this to teach new folks how to play. Thanks.
  14. What's got into it

    This scenario was fun. Very creative. Thanks!
  15. FIrst Mistake, Last Mistake

    Well, to be honest it played just fine with unpainted mini's, don't tell anyone. :)

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