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  1. FIrst Mistake, Last Mistake

    Thank you for the feedback, it is definitely welcome and appreciated. I'll take care of all the items you pointed out. As for tagging, there isn't a "Nordheim expansion" tag specifically, so I added the "extensions" tag. I hear you about the Secret Forest Passage for Zogar Sag. Here's what I found in playtesting: I think it's kind of balanced out by extra gem the Hero recovers because of the Blood Boiling rule. and also the low gem Recovery for the Overlord keeps gems at a premium. Keep in mind that Hindering applies. So if Zogar is left alone with Conan it costs 2 movement points to escape through the Secret Forest Passage. So Zogar can still get away, but not too far. :) Also the 6 turn limit means Zogar's turn is only going to come up a couple times. So unless the Overlord decides to spend extra gems to activate him out of sequence, Conan will likely catch up to Zogar. Also Conan the Wanderer has 3 movement points so that helps him catch up as well. I'd love to hear your thoughts when you get a chance to play it. I probably have some blind spots in regards to this scenario. I'd love for it to be enjoyed by all, with no bugs. Thanks again, Dan
  2. A Pict raiding party has stolen a certain Cimmerian's sword. First mistake or last mistake? Cold steel and dark sorcery will soon sort it all out. First Mistake Last Mistake.pdf
  3. Vaniria is in the Fort

    I enjoyed this scenario. You accomplished exactly what you intended. I'll be using this to teach new folks how to play. Thanks.
  4. What's got into it

    This scenario was fun. Very creative. Thanks!
  5. FIrst Mistake, Last Mistake

    Well, to be honest it played just fine with unpainted mini's, don't tell anyone. :)
  6. FIrst Mistake, Last Mistake is my first attempt at a home made Conan Scenario. A Pict raiding party has stolen a certain Cimmerian's sword... Any playtesting or feedback is appreciated! Thanks! First Mistake Last Mistake.pdf

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