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  1. drmauric

    The Way Out (solo/ co-op)

    @Footballzs Awesome! Thank you. If you could, please let me.know how it goes.
  2. Conan was minding his own business at the local tavern... A new scenario using the Monolith Sourcebook's solo/ co-op rules. The Way Out Solo.pdf
  3. drmauric

    A Perfumed Fop

    Some hired muscle has come to collect on Valisio's gambling debts. Trouble is, Belit, the pirate princess had her eyes on him first... A quick and easy scenario featuring Savage Belit rescuing a foppish noble from almost certain discomfort. A Perfumed Fop.pdf
  4. drmauric

    Savage Avengers

    @Footballzs Sorry, man!
  5. drmauric

    Savage Avengers

    "An unsanctioned team of heroes." Inspired by Marvel's upcoming Savage Avengers comic. A fully functional Conan scenario with suggestions to play it within the Marvel Universe. I designated different Conan heroes and allies as Wolverine, Electra, Punisher, Venom and Brother Voodoo. Crossbowmen represent machine gun armed thugs. Stygian Assassins represent Hand Assassins. I used Heroclix for the Marvel characters and a couple Reaper Nova Corps. models for the machine gunners. If someone is interested in re-skinning all the Hero cards, tiles and tokens for Marvel, let me know. Enjoy! (the pdf is in really small print all the way down, after the pictures) SavageAvengersfv2.pdf
  6. An Unfortunate Interruption is sort of an outtake from Whispers From Stygia. Early on we wanted to include a couple of sidequests, to involve more authors and to add to the replayability of the campaign. The idea was nixed as we had our hands full with the core campaign. This has been written for a while and I just want to put it out there as an option to enhance Whispers From Stygia or to encourage you to give it another play through. Enjoy! An Unfortunate Interruption.pdf
  7. drmauric

    Tales of the North

    @pietervreeburg @Ken may be best suited to answer that. 🙂
  8. drmauric

    Tales of the North

    Yes. This rule change is on purpose for this scenario.
  9. drmauric

    Tales of the North

    To answer your questions about The Blasphemy of Gwaednerth: Yes, those are the stats for Civilians. Skuthus kills Civilians by attacking them normally and scoring at least 1 hit. (Remember he is equipped with the Sacrificial Dagger so he rolls, if I remember correctly, 3 yellow dice) Civilians do not move, attack or defend. (Imagine them as bound sacrificial victims) Gwaednerth cannot spend gems to defend Civilians. The Blasphemy of Gwaednerth is intentionally designed to be a very quick game. It may seem difficult for the Heroes to win at first but there are solid strategies to win. I don't want to give away the strategies, that is for the player to discover. 🙂 But Gwaednerth is a killing machine and the Overlord does not have many gems to work with. A balance is there but it is extremely delicate for both sides.
  10. drmauric

    Tales of the North

    Yes. That is allowed. And he could also attack in area C if he had enough gems. And please don't feel dense. I also feel dense trying to explain it. 🙂 I appreciate the questions, I want this to be as clear as possible for everyone.
  11. drmauric

    Tales of the North

    A better summary would be "A hero can only make 1 single attack per turn per area he moves into". Because if he uses gems to move out of an area he may make an attack in the next area. I'll need to look at The Blasphemy of Gwaednerth to answer the other question. I'll get back to you later today.
  12. drmauric

    Tales of the North

    Correct. Those are the options. This is to simulate that the dog sled is constantly in motion. So a Hero can only make one attack in an area before he must move again or end his turn. Therefore a Hero can move into an area, make an attack then choose to move again or end his turn. Or to start his turn he may attack once then move. Make sense? 🙂
  13. drmauric

    Tales of the North

    That is correct.
  14. drmauric

    Tales of the North

    @Roolz That's ok. I'll gladly answer any of your questions. Again, thanks for doing the translation.
  15. drmauric

    Tales of the North

    Atali's tile is placed on the Hero playesrs ide of the table of the table for them to use. Wolves- it means more than one wolf may be placed in an area if needed. If there is an open area the wolf should be placed in it. If there is no open area the Overlord may start putting another wolf in each area. Does that make sense? Fleeing- yes. Atali must be escorted off the board from one of those areas for the Heroes to win.

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