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  1. Yeah, maybe. I think this wording would have left less room for doubt: "Set aside the EXIT tile (29) and the PENTACLE tile (26). Shuffle the remaining tiles and place them in one pile." But hindsight is always 20/20, as the saying goes.
  2. Ok, now I have played a complete scenario, and I guess the odds of running out of either Instinct or Event cards is fairly slim. So it is probably not an issue after all.
  3. Oh, and I guess the same question goes for the Event deck.
  4. What happens if/when the Instinct deck runs out of cards and a new Instinct card must be drawn? I see two possibilities. a) Reshuffle the Instinct discard pile and form a new Instinct deck. b) Too bad, you ran out of Instinct cards. Best of luck. Which one is it, a or b? Or did I miss a rule in the rulebook?
  5. Yes, that is how it is in the old version of the game. Maybe you are right and this is just a relic of an old version of the rules. It would be good to get an official reply from Monolith.
  6. The scenario "The Survivors" mentions two different "packs" of tiles: A and B. The scenario says: "Remove the EXIT tile (29) and the PENTACLE tile (26) from the A pack of tiles and set them aside." And then: "Shuffle the other tiles and form a B pile." Question: The other scenarios also mention the A and B packs (and some more), so I am guessing the kinds of tiles that are in the two packs are important for scenario balance. How do I tell which tiles belong to the A and B packs so I can recreate them after a game? I don't see a letter A or B in the tile corner. Just its number. The rule book does not list the tiles per pack. Indeed, the rulebook doesn't even mention the term "pack" in connection with the tiles...
  7. Hi, I had a couple of questions about the scenario The Capture of the Cyclops and wrote a mail to Monolith. It took them two months to reply, but reply they did. Here are my four questions. Directly below each question, I put in Monolith's reply. 1) Forces It says that the Athena player begins with 2 chain tokens to distribute among units. The Athena player has Andromeda. Does this mean that Andromeda has her normal 4 chain tokens in addition to the 2 mentioned specifically? Reply: About the chains tokens, that's right, the 2 are in addition of those from Andromeda. But Andromeda has not the same chains. If you look at the rule "chains" in the scenario, Polyphemus must be chained twice for Athena to win the game. How is Polyphemus chained? By performing an attack with a unit who has a chain token on it. And Andromeda do not attack, she puts her chains tokens directly, which isn't taken into account for the rule "chains". Am I clear? 2) Cyclops’ Dream. After the first Poseidon card is drawn, Polyphemus can be activated as normal and has all the normal stats. After the second Poseidon card is drawn, suddenly Polyphemus suffers a -2 penalty to defence? Is that correct? Reply: Hum, something has been forgotten. Polyphemus has -3 to defense after the first card is drawn. 3) Chains If Andromeda also has her normal 4 chain tokens, can they also be used to capturing Polyphemus, just like the two mentioned under Forces? It says “Each chains token may be used once”. So if an attack using a chains token fails, the Athena player no longer has a chance of winning since he/she needs to hit with both and they are one-shot items? Or can they be picked up if they miss? Like omphalos maybe? If they can be picked up on a miss, can the Poseidon player’s units also pick them up? Reply: see above for Andromeda's chains. But about missing an attack and loosing the chains tokens, it doesn't work like that: it is used only if the attack is successful and the token is put onto Polyphemus. If the attack isn't successful, the chain token isn't used and you can try again, don't worry. 4) Recall: It says “Units from both armies cam be recalled to any point in their own deployment zone.” Since it says “units”, can non-troop units also be recalled? If they can, does that only cost one Art of War card? Reply: It works only for troops, as there is no way in the game to recall other kinds of units. The price hasn't changed. And that was it. I hope this may help someone else. 😊 /Uthin
  8. I'll just answer this myself. Yesterday I wrote Monolith, and today I received this reply: So basically this rule should not have made it into the final print.
  9. Hi, Some of the scenarios in the Poseidon campaign, for example the first one, "The Olive Trees of Discord", use a special campaign rule called "Dunes". It states that: "Dunes is a new terrain type. This area is an obstacle. 3D elements: None. Terrain effect: none." But nowhere can I see which areas are to be considered dunes. And the question does not seem to have been answered anywhere else. Does someone here know the details of this Dunes rule?
  10. Are you playing with the PnP rules? On Ares' dashboard from the physical game, the Frenzy Power states: So Ares cannot absorb an omphalos using the Frenzy Power. Also note that absorbing is a Complex action which precludes any Simple actions being performed until the player's turn comes around again. If simple actions have been performed, the divinity cannot also absorb.
  11. Hi, I don't play this anymore. I tried getting my 11-year old son interested in it, but after he made a bad decision to split the party, he lost pretty horribly and do not want to touch it again. Sigh... Two lessons: 1) If you want people to like a game, don't destroy them utterly. 2) See number 1) I have picked up painting minis again after a hiatus of 25 years, and back, then I only ever painted, what, 5 or 6 minis. After getting Conan and Mythic Battles, I just needed to begin again. So I am practicing (slowly) on some of the HeroQuest minis. I am on my second skeleton, which will be very different from the first one. Then I will experiment on the fimirs, trying to learn how to paint skin of various hues. And then I think I will be ready to begin painting maybe Mythic Battles.
  12. "After having spent the last of their ill-gotten gains from a rich but unfortunate merchant vessel, the Tigress got caught in a severe storm. But thanks to the skill of the heroes and the hardy crew of the Tigress, they survived Nature's fury. Now, with the seas calm once more, the lookout spots another ship. It appears to have taken severe damage from the storm, lying dead in the water. An easy target for the experienced pirates of the Tigress. Checking equipment and preparing to board, they maneuver the Tigress alongside the other ship. Suddenly a shudder runs through the hull. The crew looks around nervously, and then several enormous tentacles erupt from the sea as from an octopus of truly staggering proportions! Crewmen are picked up and pulled screaming to their deaths below the suddenly frothing waters. And as a laughter as cold and terrible as the crushing depths rolls in from the other vessel, foul sorcery reaches out with its claws of pestilence. Those of the crew of the Tigress it touches are transformed into mindless monstrosities bent on killing the heroes! Conan, Bêlit, Hadrathus and Shevatas will have to act quickly to kill the sorcerer controlling the tentacled horror from the dark waters below, and prevent the monster from tearing the Tigress apart, killing them all!" Pdf of scenario created using the fantastic web-site www.conan-scenarios.com. Required for this scenario: Core box Kickstarter stretch goals Bone Golem Piles of Skulls Tentacles (10) Skeletons (6) Mummies (6) Savage Bêlit Conan the Wanderer Spells Dagon's Attack Hand of Death Ymir's Rage spell Dread Horror on the High Seas.pdf
  13. I found the answer on the BBG forums. The second assassin tile, the rightmost one, is an error. There should only be one assassin tile in the river, and consequently there are only 7 tiles in the river in this scenario.
  14. According to the setup, two assassins must be red-based and placed before the exit. The last three assassins are covered by 6 assassin tokens, three of which represent actual assassins. There are two tiles with an assassin in the Stygia box. One is beige-bordered, the other is red-bordered. So to me it makes sense that the red-bordered tile controls the two red assassins by the exit, and the beige-bordered one controls the three "hidden" assassins. But the river in the scenario description shows two red-bordered assassin tiles. So either the river in the scenario description is wrong or at least a bit misleading and one or the other tile in the river in the scenario description should have been a beige-bordered tile (and either two or three assassins get activated per tile). Or both the red tile and the beige tile are used to control all the assassins, the two visible ones and the three hidden ones (and thus all assassins are activated by either tile). Does anyone know which option is correct?
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