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  1. Hi thanks for the reply Roolz, I finished the translation a while ago. Here is the translated version. 5-7p - Death to the black sorcerer - EN-translation.pdf
  2. Yes, that's how I would interpret it as well.
  3. Do you have a link to the podcast?
  4. No this is standard so you could use those blanks for your own custom spells.
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to translate the following fan-made 6-7 player scenario from french into english using google translate and then fixing the wording but I can't help feeling like I'm missing something. Gettin extra eyes on one or two things would be great because this is the only Conan scenario I've encountered for 6+ players. https://www.conan-scenarios.com/pdf/515.pdf?rand=43489696 I'll include the translated text below but the main issues that I'm having is the following sentence: Renforts : Le sorcier fait appel à la nécromantie et des tentacules sortent de l'eau. which translates to: Reinforcements: The sorcerer uses necromancy and tentacles come out of the water. I don't really get that specific event. There are already tentacles on the map. Does the Overlord spawn more tentacles? If so, for how many reinforment points because none are mentioned. Am I misunderstanding this somehow due to poor translation?
  7. Hey there! According to Mythic Battles KS campaign comments, it was decided not to print Othryades hero sheet with the Corinthia cross-over since the character was not used in any scenario. I have decided to print it myself and I have a pretty good printer but would like to print on similar paper type as the normal hero sheets. Of course I realize this will never be exactly same but can someone recommend a paper type that would resemble the one officially used? http://www.monolithedition.com/download/crossoverMB/Othryades_fullsize_distr.jpg
  8. I personally hope that we don't get the Thurian Age included in Conan. As seen in the poll there is a lot of settings directly connected to Conan that we haven't explored yet. Getting Conan expansions related to Kull and co. would just seem like mixing IPs. I'm most excited for Hyborian kingdoms (Nemedia, Koth, Ophir) or Kush or a Red Nails expansion. Although I don't remember any "weird humanoid creatures" in the Red Nails story like is mentioned in the poll.
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