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  1. I think you don't need anything from the King pledge... I played it before and can't see anything that is King exclusive..
  2. Yes, I think my mistake was to play with the Demon of the Earth instead of the is slower than the snake and I had trouble catching up with the heroes Lst time we played it Overlord won easily, so I think it is actully a much more difficult scenario then I first thought.
  3. Definitely! Especially when I lost so fast as Overlord, I was irked to try again and beat them but we decided to play the next scenario instead 🙂
  4. Sure, I was very unlucky with my guard actions as OVerlord 🙂 Conan was lucky and hacked with circular strike through the ghouls and 2 Kitai Acolythes and used extra gems to reach the key.. 2nd round he picked it up, opened the door and went through. If we interpreted the map correctly there is a way to enter Xaltotuns area from the top of the stairs... I wanted to save gems and didn't activate the Demon of the earth in round 2 and then it was too late because the heroes were faster... I also forgot to use the falling rocks /webs the first time I reinfireced and therefore the heroes could mover through the map pretty OVerlord you definitely have to focus on slowing and blocking them... I couldn't run it with the snake yet but I imagine it is better for the overlord since the snake is faster than the Demon of the Earth (3 vs 2 movement points).
  5. Hi there, A rule Question to one of the new Conqueror Expansion scenarios. "In the Hall of the Dead" it is stated that the Sorcerer (Hero) Thotmekri (Xaltotun) : "at the beginning of the game the Heart of Ahriman is placed on his Chest and he has partially returned to life. Thus, he is unaible to leave the area in which he begins... until Conan has perfomed a simple manipulation to remove the Heart. From thereon he can leave the area... Now the Question is, is the Hero able to use Spells to attack units or is he inactive until Conan reaches him? From the Scenario I think it makes more sense that he is inactive until Conan reaches him (usually ~turn 2), also the Scenario felt very easy (it is 1 Crow...) and I think that if the sorcerer is able to kill units from the start, it is even easier for the heroes... also using the demon of the earth instead of the snake makes it easier for the heroes because the demon only has movement 2 instead of 3 and I had trouble to keep up with the heroes... just my opinion, obviously!
  6. The only good thing to come out of Corona... I finally started mini painting and got on to paint my Conan minis... here is my giant snake 🙂
  7. Is there a valid line of sight for ranged attacks between the Inn floor and the elevated level (ballustrade areas 6,7 and 8)? I mean I agree that there is a line if sight, however, in the rules it is stated (page 11, v2.0 hero rule book, top paragraph) that lower areas have no line of sight to higher areas for ranged attacks if there is a sudden elevation change... I don't really get the rule (not its meaning but if it makes sense...)... I would guess that the whole point of an archer is that they can also shoot upwards.. unless it is a fortification and there is something to hide behind. Now here there is the railing to cover the heros on the higher ground... We played "Wrath of Anu" scenario and after reinforcing the archers at the Inn entrance the OL was shooting at me from there up to the Ballustrade... we were then arguing if this is valid or not... I think there should be at least a penalty for the archers otherwise the heros there are just sitting ducks to be plucked off...
  8. Hi there! Just created my first scenario using only the core box materials. It is called "from beyond the grave" and also is inspired by the Story Queen of the Black Coast. It is available on the Scenario editor. I hope you like it. Let me know if you find it too unbalanced... if it is too easy in the latest version, giving Conan his sword instead of the battle axe makes it so much harder...
  9. But I thought that spells are normally treated as ranged attacks unless stated otherwise and in this case I would say you can only use a shield... similar statements can be found on BGG forums
  10. Maybe a stupid question... but to clarify... if you use an area of effect spell on your own area, the spell caster will also suffer the damage from the spell, correct? The question came up when playing "In the clutches of the picts" and Hadrathus barged into a hut full of picts and was then taking them out using lightning storm. I would say that the spell caster also has to suffer the damage since it is an area of effect, similar to an explosive orb...
  11. Hi there, I only got the game recently but we have tried the scenario i think 3 times and overlord won 2 out of 3... If the OL goes offensive using the snake and (e.g. puts Zogar and the princess into the stone hut in the top, so Conan can't wreck his way in) before the heros can group together, they have a hard time... Also a question which I will repost in rules thread... if Hadrathus casts Lightining Storm in his own area (as in a hut for example filled with picts), he will get the same damage, since it is an area of effect spell, correct?
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