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  1. Nick

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    same here...i saw that someone already receive their book, I'm still waiting for mine (italy) there is a chance to know where it is? How long i should wait until i have to become anxious? thanks
  2. Nick

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    ok i checked in the wrong e-mail -.-". Now i should be in!
  3. Nick

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    @SentMa i still did not receive anything (I also checked the SPAM). Could you please support me? Thanks
  4. Nick

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    YES YES YES YES!!!!! my heart......i cannot belive this!
  5. Nick

    Kickstarter, Book of Set

    But really the Book is "LIMITED"?!?!?!? I saw that there are only 400 copies of the books? I have to kill someone to have it?!?!?
  6. Nick

    GenCon50: Conan

    At the time of the KS I did not pledge everything thinking that most of the will reach the retail store. I've just bought all the KS exclusive..... and now in Italy are arriving the expansion, but for all the other add-on? From FB and other comments looks like we cannot decide what we can buy, or an all-in or nothing....it is not good T_T
  7. Nick

    Gencon50 : olds and news miniatures.

    I love the miniature and the pose, but for my opinion the cloaks are too bulky! Also some bad guy minion are not anatomic good XD (do not know if you know what i mean). But i really hope that during the KS we will have other figure of each heroes and foe!
  8. Nick

    GenCon50: Mythic Battles: Pantheon

    After I saw this picture i hurt myself to not have done the pledge. At that time I was poor T_T
  9. Nick


    Hello barbarians, Do you know if there is a possibility to use Tapatalk to follow the forum? I saw that "The Overlod" exist but seems it is only in french. Or maybe once i've logged in I can change the settings? Thanks for the helping.
  10. Nick

    [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    The easy one look like familiar... but i do not know the title! First appearance of Godzilla? ahahah
  11. Nick

    Conan in Comics

    Depends a lot of which comics you will start to read. For example the collection I've started are all stand-alone story, sometimes there are some cross-reference but they star and end (like Tex or Dylan Dog).
  12. Nick

    Kickstarter, Book of Set

    Wow, i cant wait to pledge this book. I did not started the campaign, but the book is fantastic! The image, the material are great and i think this will be better!
  13. Nick

    [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    I love these kind go game! I will join for the next post
  14. Nick

    Conan in Comics

    I've started to read Conan after the Kickstarter campaign.... and in that time a new collection was presented by Panini comics "the savage sword of Conan". It is the chronological b/w story of Conan's comics and it is fantastic!!!! The draw are amazing, Buscema is an artist
  15. Nick

    Someone doesn't like the game

    Unfortunately these kind of people will not help Conan. From the Italian forum "la tana dei goblin" the game was destroyed at the beginning for 2 reasons that at that time was true: 1) the game does not allow you to use different minion, monster, heroes or equip and with the mountain of stuff we had. 2) the not clear rules and the gaps there were and the less balance obvyously after some months and with the release of rule book ed.02 everything has changed but the damage was done. A lot of people who want to buy the game has been stopped from the bad rumors the game had. I loved from the beginning and I traslate the books in Italian but the ed.02

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