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  1. The Shumballah Insurrection

    The link to the scenario is missing.
  2. Allies cant damage armour >2 opponents?

    No, they cannot team up, unless stated otherwise in the scenario, so it is intended.
  3. Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Well it was basically put together by French fans who also did most of the translation. The French community is much more active than the English one in terms of Conan and I will accept translation errors. Maybe after the second Conan compendium is translated and done the English community could put one together themselves?
  4. Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    I had a go at The Trap 5b and here is what happened: The Trap (b) thoughts. The play: The heroes won but it was round 14, only one turn to go and it would have been a stalemate. Is it expected that the scenario ends at the end of turn 15, or do you keep going until it’s over? I found that the river can get clogged up, especially when Yogah only has a couple of gems left. Atali was killed in turn zero, the scorpions after about 6 turns, and the dark Demon at about 10. Yogah had 2 gems worth of health which meant that the OL was hesitant to activating him as he could easisly lose those 2 gems. I made the decision to pay 6 gems to remove three dead tiles but I think that was a mistake as I then left myself short of gems. However if I hadn’t dredged I would have had three dead tiles plus two event tiles I couldn’t use. It may be worth considering splitting the event tiles, one that is used to activate Yogah and the other for reinforcements. It is a toss up as to whether I should have left the dead tiles in the river and payed gems to move them when needed or dredge them. Maybe I should have just removed one or two. There was a period during the game when the OL wasn’t doing much because the heroes were just trying to get to the top level. It needs to be specified how many movement points it costs to move through the stairwells. I eventually played it was 2. However, the first time I moved someone through the stairwell I spent one movement point. It was only later that I questioned that decision and made it 2. It does make a big difference because if it is 1 Ikhmet can move to the second level in one turn, but if it is 2 or more he cannot and can be blocked by the Dark Demon. In my play Conan did most of the damage on Yogah and Hadrathus did most of the damage to Thoth Amon with his Lightning Strikes. The 3 gems that come with the Spellbook are very handy. Having said that the killing blow was delivered by Shintu. Thoughts: A tense scenario that can have periods of caution. This scenario had a chess like feel at times. You could almost feel the tension at times (and I was playing solo). The situation with Yogah is very clever. He is reasonably powerful but causing himself to take damage makes the OL have to think carefully about using him, particularly if his gems fall low. As OL I basically sacrificed him at the end with the hope that I could keep Thoth Amon alive. I could see that some players may find this scenario frustrating because there are many times when players are cautious. Also most the heroes do not really get into the game for a while as it takes a long time to get from level 1 to 3. I will probably need to play this again because I am not sure if I used the best tactics, neither as OL nor as the heroes. Conclusion: A very well thought scenario that uses some unusual ideas. Subverting the levels in the dungeon was a surprise and paring with the ruined fort was a masterstroke. NB: I didn’t have enough red gems (it takes 31 and I have 25) however that was not a big issue as I made up the difference with by replacing 6 of Yogah’s gems with blues giving him 6 of each. This didn’t matter as his gems are separate from the rest of the OL’s.
  5. Community Generated Campaign

    Not a problem. I’ll give my précis of the play tomorrow.
  6. Community Generated Campaign

    I have play tested one so far but will get around to the others as soon as possible. I am having trouble finding time at the moment. My weekends are being taken up a lot at the moment. Having said that I am definitely looking forward to this. As regards my original question. Should I place testing notes on here or elsewhere? This thread could get rather awkward to follow if everybody’s play testing comments are put here as well.
  7. [Core] Ships

    The LOS you have added are meant to be there. It’s just they weren’t shown because on the top of the map it explains that all boat to boat LOS are valid except those that pass through a mast.
  8. Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    I received mine today (Melbourne Oz). It was bent by the Postman to fit into my letterbox but I am ok with that. Now I'm just waiting for the Book of Set and I am set.
  9. Community Generated Campaign

    I play tested The Trap (b). Should I post my thoughts or am I getting ahead of things?
  10. [Stygia] Underground

    Actually that is true about the official scenarios.
  11. [Stygia] Underground

    It appears to me their should be LOS between 51 and 39.
  12. Community Generated Campaign

    Oh that's right. I'd forgotten that.
  13. Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken have you thought about using the Giant Scorpian tile from the Original Kickstarter? They have 2 armour and cause a lot more damage. You may have to reduce the number of scorpions otherwise they could be devastating.
  14. Community Generated Campaign

    I rolled 2 double hits hits in a row with Yogah plus Conan has attacked a couple of times. Though Conan can't do much cause he has to defend so much. And I agree the scorpions are very weak.
  15. Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken. I have been testing the Trap and it is a tough one. I have gotten to the stage where Yogah is down to a couple of gems left and I am too scared to activate the event tile in case I kill him. Was this part of your thinking when creating the scenario?