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  1. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    I am a bit of an ambiguity nerd so was just suggesting a rewording. No biggy if you don’t want to.
  2. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    @Neil Amswych could I suggest a change of wording for the event: "The Dark Demon Arrives". The way it reads at the moment it could be taken to mean that it only costs 1 gem to activate at any time. To be clear that it can only be activated when it is in the far left space maybe use something like this: "The OL cannot activated the event tile until it has flowed (floated?) down to the first space (1 gem). When this tile...." I think this makes it a bit clearer.
  3. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Just finished Fight or Flight a win for the OL. I thought the heroes were looking good. One more turn and I think they would have made it off with the merchant, however the Dark Demon attacked the merchant and scored 8, 3 orange defence dice only managed 3 (that was all I had left in gems), mercifully the merchant didn’t feel a thing. I almost made an error, I was about to activate the Dark Demon for a cost of 3 gems until I reread the Special Rules and realised I had to wait until it was at 1 gem. I picked up the medallion but didn’t need it in the end but if I had managed to escape I would gotten 2 Victory points, it was close. I missed out on Xuthal’s Crown as well. Yogah, Ikhmet and Hadrathus copped 1 wound each, Shentu had 1 gem left and I ended up using Gift of Life to save him, but it didn’t make a difference as he wasn’t used again. The heroes could have played it slightly differently and could have won so I am not concerned by balance. The game ended on round 8. I made slight changes to the set up from your scenario. As mentioned the green tile is shown incorrectly so I used the grey tile, and, because there were so many grey minions, I used the purple tile for the Javelin Throwers. A fun scenario. After the second scenario the heroes have no Victory points, the OL has 3, carry forward item: the Spellbook.
  4. Footballzs

    [Rules] Hunting the tigress

    The asset deck is a pile of equipment cards shuffled and placed in a pile. Each time you open a chest you pick the top card from the deck and that is what you have found in the chest. The blue gems are for heroes and the red are for the Overlord, except for the stance notification (ie active or cautious) where one red gem is placed on the hero cards to show which stance they have chosen. Do you have version 1 or 2 of the rulebooks?
  5. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Two more questions: 1. Repel = Push Back? 2. Hadrathus does not start with Mitra’s Halo cast?
  6. Footballzs

    [Rules] Hunting the tigress

    If you are referring to the “Fire at will” event, then yes.
  7. Footballzs

    Black Ones Discussion

    Sounds great, just wish I had the Black Ones.
  8. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Just setting up for Fight or Flight. Two comments: 1. There is no mention of what to use to represent the Medallion. The Stygian Artifact? 2. There is an error with the Crossbowmen tile. You use the green tile but it shows the grey tile stats. The actual green tile has zero armour the one shown in the set up has one armour. I will play this weekend and report back.
  9. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    I finished ‘The Time for Flight is Nigh’ and here are my thoughts. The OL won, but I made some errors in play that contributed to this (it’s strange that when I play both sides and the OL wins I always feel I have lost even though I am also playing as the OL, there may be a thesis in there 😊). I had picked up the key, spellbook and warlock documents but did not manage to open the chest, Hadrathus was in the space with the chest at the end of turn 7 but, because of one of my errors, did not have the key! As mentioned in my previous post I didn’t spend a lot of gems. I found the scenario requires a lot of planning on how to move through levels and not necessarily to battle on the hero side, whereas the OL is looking at how to hinder. The scenario is easier for the OL in decision making than for the heroes. As OL I found my thoughts were focussed how do I stop them getting all the items. The assassins being constantly reinforced is also an added complication that brings a lot to the scenario. The OL can use them to help with hindering, they are easy to kill but annoying. Surprisingly not once did I have to have a hero go into cautious mode. The Telekinesis spell is great, without it I would not have had a chance. I personally think the scenario is well balanced, kudos on that, and if not for my errors, the heroes could have succeeded but it would still have been a close-run thing. Now for ‘Fight or Flight’ (Victory points: OL 1, Heroes 0; carry forward items: Spellbook)
  10. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Ok, started the first scenario (The Time for Flight is Nigh) and am enjoying it so far. It has a different feel to the usual scenario, there is less out and out attack and kill but more “let’s slow them down”. As OL I am focussing on hindering rather than killing as 7 rounds is not really long enough to do that. When I first set it up I used the Dark Demon card then realised it was the Evil Hound. A big difference otherwise Hadrathus would be trapped forever😊 The tile image in the scenario was in French and I didn’t realise until reading the special rules that it was the evil hound tile. The heroes are really focussed on getting Hadrathus to the various items. I have found that I don’t spend many gems as I am being very strategic. I have just finished turn 4 and hadrathus has gotten the key and spellbook and Shaun Miang has moved down 1 floor. I made one stupid error as I moved Hadrathus down to level 3 but...embarrassing to admit...forgot to grab the key! I then wasted time having to go back and get it. Sorry but I didn’t have as much time as I’d hoped to play. My wife keeps wanting me to do stuff...oh well what can one do? Next update soon.
  11. Footballzs

    [Rules] Trapped like Rats

    No. The 2 doors outlined in red cannot be opened by the heroes. That’s why they need tools to escape through a window. Somehow that bit of information was left out of the special rules. It is explained in more detail in this thread on Boardgamegeek.
  12. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Hi all, I have finally finished my move. My games room is now clear of boxes (mostly) so I am hoping to get a game or two in this weekend. Sorry for not being part of this over the last few weeks but house moving takes up all your time! Which scenario needs testing?
  13. Footballzs

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    One other thing. 2EN will contain Conan scenarios, 3EN will contain Mythic Battles: Pantheon scenarios.
  14. Footballzs

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    They’re not even ready for ordering. They have been announced but not produced as yet. The French version of compendium 2 has been released but not the English one.
  15. Footballzs

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    They haven’t been released yet.

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