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  1. the sleeping beauty

    It didn’t work for me. It just says download failed. I am using an iPad.
  2. Community Generated Campaign

    This is my first time playing this scenario so not sure if my tactic is the best. I’ll let you know when I finish. The scenario requires a lot of thought. It took me awhile to think things through before I started. That’s a good thing by the way.
  3. Community Generated Campaign

    No, just solo unfortunately. If it was just 1 then Ikhmet can make it the second level in one turn. If it’s 2 or more he can’t and that can make a big difference because the Dark Demon won’t have time to block him he gets out first turn. Also Conan killed Atali in one turn. Was that your plan? It does make Conan use gems and does delay him for a bit.
  4. Community Generated Campaign

    I started playing this one to help test it. One question. There is no mention of how many movement it points it costs to go from one level to the next. Logically it should cost at least 2; one to enter and one to exit. But it could also be 3, one to enter one to travel the stairwell and one to exit. What did you have in mind when creating the scenario?
  5. Community Generated Campaign

    Well, to be fare I do speak Australian.
  6. Community Generated Campaign

    Isn’t the result the same? It’s just a different way to express the same thing.
  7. I can't stop!

    Or even an Amazon series
  8. [Strategy] In the heart of darkness

    @Kheldor I noticed you mentioned you achieved 2 x 9 damage earlier. What did you mean by that? How did you get 2 attacks?
  9. Community Generated Campaign

    Scenario 4 sounds very mysterious
  10. Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken this look great and I really like how you've used the two maps. A couple of observations. In the event you refer to Aesir and Vanir Zombies. Did you actually mean Giant Scorpions? Also you show Yogah as one of the playable heroes but he is an OL controlled character. I am really looking forward to seeing the final campaign, great work everyone.
  11. Overlord and Half Naked Girls

    These issues always seem to come from the English speaking community but not from the French. Not judging, just an observation.
  12. [Game] What is the title of these movies?

    The first movie based on a Steven King novel. The second is an Aussie curiosity.
  13. Community Generated Campaign

    Well done, I like the sound if this, and well done on the preamble. Very Howardian. One question, there are doors shown on the map but they are not mentioned in the special rules. What does one do with regards to those?
  14. Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Yes, you also need to create a Fluent account.
  15. Duelling Overlords

    This looks very interesting. Impressive work. One question, where is the heavy chest?