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  1. Footballzs

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    Nothing has happened yet. When they become available notification will come via this forum.
  2. Footballzs

    Community Generated Campaign

    I am about half way through the scenario. I have had trouble finding the couple of hours or so required to finish this one. But I will get there. I had planned on playing over the weekend but things got in the way. So far it's been interesting. Haven't been able to do much damage (none actually) to either sorcerer as yet, but we'll see.
  3. Footballzs

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    They're not available as yet.
  4. Footballzs

    The Streets of Khemi

    I was just about to start this scenario when I read this, excellent timing. I will incorporate the changes.
  5. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Wow😮. That's incredible generous. I do live in Australia and am concerned postage may be a bit high. I'll accept if you let me pay for postage.
  6. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Thanks, it’s been fun.
  7. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    I played Dreams of Atali. I’m not sure about this one. I didn’t really know how to play this. The winning conditions were unusual and I went in to the game without really knowing how it would go. The heroes ended up winning but it was much closer than I would have thought at some stages of the game. At the start of turn 10 I had all the heroes, the Frost Giants and 1 Vanir Warrior in the zone with Atali. Thoth Amon managed to move all the miniatures except one which meant the heroes won. However, thinking about now, I think I may have erred in my play as I didn’t consider moving Atali with Push Back. If I had realised that then the OL probably would have won. I spent a few turns biding my time, both as hero and OL, waiting for Atali to show up. I didn’t mind as I like having ‘restful’ turns but I could see that some players wouldn’t appreciate it. The heroes managed to get both Giants and it didn’t seem that difficult, however the OL did have trouble killing the heroes and allies, he had terrible Lightning Storm attacks. Also I ran out of red gems, with bonus gems and hearts I was 2 short, I ended up using tokens for the last 2. I suggest that you put info on using the Vanir Warriors as allies in the set up info. It took me time to work out who those 4 additional characters were in the hero starting zone. I also recommend listing Thoth Amon’s Spells in the set up info, not just in the Special Rules. I prefer finding out what I need from the set up A couple of grammatical errors, in the third special rule “Smoking Hearts for Ymir’s Board” add the word ‘neither’ before “the command ability” and change the word ‘is’ to ‘it’ in the fifth line of this condition (after ‘places’). Overall I think this is an interesting scenario, but one I would have to play a few times to really understand the tactics needed. After 4 scenarios, Heroes 2 - OL 3 (carry forward item Spellbook), the heroes also carried forwards one unused bonus gem.
  8. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    The ‘Sword’ has the same stats as the ‘Khitan Sword’ so you could use that. With the extra yellow die I ended up putting a yellow die on his melee attack space to remind me.
  9. Footballzs

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Ok, I just played scenario three The Fate of Yag-Kosha. Wow what a ride! The heroes won, but only just. Ikhmet dropped the idol into the fire at the end of turn 8. The heroes had basically nothing left and it was an incredibly close thing. Having said that the OL had it tough as well. The heroes were unlucky in that the idol was only found in the last chest. It may have been very different if found earlier. The idol was in area 3 and the OL spent most of the time blocking the way with the Scorpion Broodmother. The heroes spent a lot of gems attacking it and the OL defending it. It was a game of attrition toward the end. The events were clever and could change things drastically depending how they are used. I killed the giant scorpions early so the antidotes were useless when I found them. The heroes had to get them out of the way because the OL was using them to hinder. The rock slides and bat swarm event made it tough moving around, and hindering by the OL made it even harder. A well thought out scenario that had a bit of everything; attacking, defending, hindering, searching and strategy. The only thing missing was stealth. I had one problem, I kept forgetting that Yag had an extra yellow die! One question: the scenario says that Shentu has 2 Khitan swords, I only had one card, is that an error? Also “Carried by the wind” should be “Borne by the Wind”. So after 3 scenarios, heroes 1 and OL 3.
  10. Footballzs

    Conan in Comics

    @Epakadoes that mean you have the fabled Savage Tales #1?
  11. Footballzs

    Community Generated Campaign

    I would be able to test the remaining scenarios by then.
  12. Footballzs

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    Ok, that’s fair enough.
  13. Footballzs

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    I’ve said this before but I think it needs repeating. This is not a Monolith product but a fan made compendium Monolith agreed to put together and print for free. Blaming Monolith for postage issues is stretching it a bit.
  14. Footballzs

    Community Generated Campaign

    Thanks for your kind words. Also my playtesting is on hold as I am currently holidaying in Vietnam.
  15. Footballzs

    Community Generated Campaign

    As someone who has lost the 1st 2 scenarios as the heroes, the opportunity to gain 1 point would be tempting.

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