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  1. I replied elsewhere, but how did you get to Thoth Amon in 1 activation?
  2. It seems that would be difficult. It would cost 8 movements just to get to Thoth’s space. Conan has 2 free movements and up to 4 more. He can’t get there in 1 activation unless Shevatas and Hadrathus kill all the minions that are in the way, Conan can then make it but he’ll be down to 5 gems at the most. Is this how your team played?
  3. Well I ended up getting the MB:P base game figures so don't need to worry about proxying any more. I had a list of proxies at one stage, I'll see if I can find it, but I probably deleted it. Edit: sorry, I no longer have it, but all the figures came from the Conan game. It should be noted that I have a King's Pledge and the 3 expansions.
  4. As one of the testers of this campaign I can attest to its quality, but also its difficulty. This campaign shows that Matt's solo rules are not juts a simplified version of the Conan Adventure mode but can be used to create an immersive and complicated story. I highly recommend this but do be aware that I also recommend you be experienced at playing the standard Conan game.
  5. One thing, I am surprised at the freebie offering for those that back within the 7 days of the Kickstarter campaign. 3 Flying Apes! Can't imaging needing that many Flying Apes if I pledge for the Legacy Box😁 Actually make that 4 when I include the Corinthia Expansion😯
  6. That's the impression I have been getting, however the minis will be included in the faction boxes, just won't include cards or tiles for the Adventure mode. We haven't seen the content of the Legacy box as yet so I am hoping they may be included in that, but not holding my breath.
  7. To clarify point 4) a hero can do an action first and then use their free movement, but cannot interrupt with an action. For example Conan cannot move 1 space for free, then stop, kill an enemy and continue with the remaining free movement. The second movement will cost a gem.
  8. An interesting scenario and great use of some unusual special rules. I seem to recall something similar to this elsewhere. Is this a modification of a standard adventure mode scenario? I will try and do some playtesting but I have been having trouble getting to my gaming table recently. Life, wife and summer have all been tugging me in other directions.
  9. I also wish to point out this site put together by another fan. It does a good job of putting everything in one place. https://conan-companion.herokuapp.com/scenarios
  10. This is brilliant. Hopefully Monolith provides some support.
  11. I am not particularly interested in the versus mode but am interested in these as they contain miniatures I missed out in in the original campaign. I refer to the guest box figures. I know that there will be an Adventure mode box containing all the newly minted miniatures, but I don’t think it will include the Valeria and Belit figures from the guest artist boxes. Big decision on whether to pay $49 for 2 minis, mind you there going for $100plus on eBay, etc.
  12. I was looking online so wasn't aware of the Book of Set issue. Now I know😁
  13. They are the 3 flame tokens shown in the map.
  14. I must admit I didn’t realise that a PDF version could be ordered. I must have missed that. I was hoping for compendium II.
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