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  1. Hmm... this whole thing looks interesting... I'll probably back it, as I'm a Conan freak. We'll see...
  2. New content for this beautiful game! Oh, goody! <dances a bit>
  3. I wish you lived in Greece... and I wish I was rich... That way, I could ask you to paint my minis, and would pay you ANYTHING YOU ASKED... You are beyond perfect. Cheers John
  4. Oh my Crom, this paint job is EXCELLENT!!! Do you have bionic eyes and hands??? Now I think I REALLY need to have my minis painted... Cheers John
  5. The base indeed is a bit too big. I think I'll make a smaller one. But no flock etc, I never do this to miniatures (I don't know why, but I don't...)
  6. Yes, I agree. I was thinking of making one of the mouths open, but I was afraid I wouldn't succeed, and it would look like the head is talking :)
  7. Dear friends, after making a Hydra (see other post), I decided to also make a Cerberus, which is a very nice and scary monster. To make it, I was forced to slaughter three cute Jack Rassels, and a French Bulldog by Safari Ltd. Here are the poor critters I started the massacre by cutting off the heads of all four dogs. Then, I drilled three holes into the head stump of the bulldog (whose body would become the Cerberus body) and inserted pins, so I could secure the other heads. I then cut off the ears of the three JR heads and attached them to the bo
  8. Dear friends, Bawon Samdi's idea to scratch-build the Winged Ape from the crossover set of Mythic Battles, made me itchy to create even more mini substitutes myself. The first that came to mind was the Hydra, which was advertised together with the Winged Ape. So, I made one. Maybe it's not as terrifying as the original, but it will do the work :) What I used for the project was an old Allosaurus miniature from Safari ltd. Strangely enough, the only image of this mini I could find, was this one Anyway, I cut it's head and back legs off, cut
  9. If you see the drawing on the tile, the Ape has a belt. Now if this is mentioned in the story, or it's just the artist's thing, I honestly don't know...
  10. Dear friends, enchanted by Bawon Samdi's idea, I decided to create the Winged Ape myself! Here is the result: I bought a painted King Kondo (no time or talent to paint one from scratch), and for the wings, I used the ones from a Plastoy Red Dragon: And added some epoxy putty above them, to cover my tracks :) The base is a simple thick cardboard circle (without it, the Ape would fall because of the wings' weight) The belt is scratch buit from cardboard and pin heads. That's all!
  11. :) May Crom always bless you Cheerio John
  12. Oh, dear... I hadn't seen your post (I wish I had, because I was searching for a long time for a substitute). Apologies! I'll be more careful next time. Cheers John
  13. This is AWESOME! My laser printer at work will get very busy on Monday :) Cheers John
  14. That's great, too! But isn't it a bit too large? It might cause space issues... And it needs a few horns! :) Cheers John
  15. Oh, the memories! Thank you for this! When I was young (30 years ago?), I had played this, but only from borrowed copies. Around 10 years ago, I finally bought mine, together with all the expansions, pretty proud that I finally owned it! And then I decided to teach my wife how to play. After one game her comment was "It's nice... but that Wizard is pretty useless, isn't he?" I laughed at this comment... And never played the game again. Ah, well. I'll teach her Conan now. I'm sure she'll like it more. Cheerio John
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