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  1. I just discovered this app and I'm amazed. I hate to ask, because you've already done so much. But do you have any plans to fork this project for the Gotham City Chronicles game? Also, maybe you should set up a Patreon. I'd be happy to send a few dollars your way for the work you've done so far.
  2. These forums are really slow, so I thought I'd be a little chatty. I just got my Season 2 pledge yesterday here in Virginia, USA. Being in the middle of a global pandemic kind of makes it difficult to play with others, so I might be trying out some of the scenarios solitaire. I'm really excited about all the new stuff. The new characters included in the Suicide Squad expansion and the two new maps (GCPD and Sewars) are probably the parts I'm most excited about. I do wish Monolith would have offered a deluxe storage box for all the one-off miniatures though. I have a ton of these tiny boxes containing just a single mini and there is no way I'm going to use those for storage. Would have been great if Monolith would have done something similar to the Deluxe Storage Box they made for Mythic Battles and gave us a single box to store all these one-off mini's from Season 2. Something like a "Season 2 Deluxe Storage" box. Have any of you started playing through any Season 2 scenarios yet?
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