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  1. Buy the King pledge so you get the core game and the stretch goals. This will soon be out of print so buy while it's available. Then buy the Big 3 expansions as they have a lot of scenarios. Then see after the conqueror pledge ships if you can get hold of that content Otherwise yoga of yog and kushite witch hunters have the most scenarios with them in it. Hope this helps.
  2. This is awesome. A magazine is absolutely incredible too. I will have enough content once the conqueror comes in to play for the rest of my life. You guys are awesome.
  3. I thought it would be a simple task. But when you are working with perfection I imagine that even small changes can result in instability and potential demonic possession.
  4. Nesh Shogta the magnificent, Please make files for a cover and interior for your campaign herein shared. That way we can print them and have them in our library proudly.
  5. Venerable Nesh Shogta, I beseech you in the name of Mitra! Ken just uploaded an interior and a cover file for printing on LULU. Could you do the same for Sands of Despair so I can print a book? It only cost 20 bucks and it's incredibly worth it to have a book. Your humble disciple
  6. I bought it. It cost me 19.78 with a discount code they had for January including shipping. What a deal. Ken you're amazing. I'll have this book forever in my library and remember the day I teleported from one hut to another and opened the treasure chest to win the game on the last turn with the extra gems I had from the stygian scepter. Classic stuff of hyborian legend!
  7. Hi all. Anyone know of any Scenarios with the two additional sets of Geomorphic Tiles that were not used in the monolith sourcebook? If not, I think I may have found my calling for making scenarios for the community. I just bought them. I'll let you know what's in there and get some ideas.
  8. Hi all. Happy Holidays. Wanted to know of anyone got extra copies of the Conan the Conqueror Hero Sheet Covers that they were looking to sell once they are shipped in 2021? Let me know.
  9. Hi, I was airbrushing today for the first time and smack in the middle of changing from black primer to grey primer the nozzle clogged up and the paint wouldn't come out of the chamber anymore. How do you prevent that from happening? Otherwise awesome results from a 37$ portable airbrush
  10. I love being able to enjoy this detailed discussion as part of this group. Thank you
  11. That's an awesome gift to those kids they probably fell over in glee.
  12. Interesting. Will sneak a peak. Although really have basically unlimited amounts of material in the Conan game alone and painting. Does this hobby have no end?
  13. Your blend of purple to pink on the tentacles is epic. Was that glazing or wet blending?
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