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  1. That's an awesome gift to those kids they probably fell over in glee.
  2. Interesting. Will sneak a peak. Although really have basically unlimited amounts of material in the Conan game alone and painting. Does this hobby have no end?
  3. Your blend of purple to pink on the tentacles is epic. Was that glazing or wet blending?
  4. Hey. Check out humblebundle.com You can get all Conan rpg books for 15 bucks in pdf format. Good inspiration for more scenarios for everyone's favorite board game.
  5. Same here. Wife prefers to play together instead of against each other. She doesn't like when I role play the dark demon picking up one of her heroes offer its head and ripping it in half.
  6. Great job keeping us busy during the wait for the conqueror.
  7. Was the skull and bones part of the base already or was it putty or pre bought? Where do you get things like that?
  8. Played the fate of Yag Kosha. I have a lot to learn about the game here as far as planning. I spread out and I believe that was my downfall. It's a large map from one space to the next. I want the play to be fluid with out too much thinking at the beginning but I do still like to win. It wasn't in the cards this week.
  9. How did you print those so that they look so good?
  10. You have really given this a lot of thought. Quite a contribution to the community in addition to your campaign.
  11. You have an incredible talent. Congratulations on your accomplishment.
  12. Freaking epic. Whole game rocked!!! Last turn pulled off hadrathus opening a chest and picking up the sorcerers scepter. Ikhmet opens his chest and reveals Toth amons surprise and gets blocked from opening last chest by the scorpion broodmother. Hadrathus gets newly acquired scepter and uses it to teleport into room with the last chest. Everything hinges on one orange dice roll of a manipulation. WE WIN!
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