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  1. Really late to the party but figured I'd chime in plus any chance to talk about Hell Dorado and I'm there. Huge fan of Hell Dorado and would love to see it return as well. During the Claustrophobia campaign asked this question on the "old" forum(been awhile since I've been here) and was told that Monolith only have the rights to Claustrophobia. Cypher studios/Ninja Division/ Whatever We're Calling Our Company this Week won't respond to any attempts to ask about the status of the game. Contacted the American Division of Asmodee who referred me to the French Division who did not respond to my inquiries. Also spoke to a rep for Asmodee at a convention years ago and they commented that Hell Dorado really just didn't sell. As much as I love the game I think its truly dead. I've tried to make due collecting proxy models for all of the unreleased minis from the expansion.
  2. Now that copies of the game are appearing in the wild has Monolith made any comment as to the "success" of the Kickstarter? Even though the initial print run did not sell out it came pretty close. Enough to warrant an expansion(s) ? If Monolith runs a second limited Kickstarter for any remaining inventory could we see add ons (like with the MB:P 1.5 KS)? Really impressed by the quality of the game and looking forward to getting my copy on the table during game night this week. As a slightly related follow up does Monolith's license of Claustrophobia in any way include the Hell Dorado property? The game shares the same setting and creator. In my attempts to discover the fate of Hell Dorado I've had no luck getting any response from Ninja Division/Cipher or Asmodee(US)/ Asmodee(France). The game has disappeared into the pits of Hell. A long shot but here's hoping the property in in the hands of Monlith and that's why there's been no comment from other companies. Cheers
  3. Love the detail and look of these new minis. Has Mythic given any indication about the future of Claustrophobia either at Gen Con or elsewhere? Is this a one and done Kickstarter? If it does well, have they given hint they would like to redo the last expansion from the first edition or even create new expansions? Regardless of what the future may be still can't wait for this campaign to begin
  4. Just discovered a great post about the future of the Claustrophobia campaign and how distribution will be handled. From the comments in the article a launch date is still TBD.
  5. Another question I would like to add... -Is this planned as an update/re-release of the original game(i.e. same rules but art and miniature updates, remaining relatively small in scope so a quick turn around) or are there plans to expand the core of the game to the level of something like the Batman or Conan campaigns(loads of new minis, new expansions, but much longer turn around before delivery)? While the thought of an expanded Claustrophobia Universe is exciting we likely wouldn't get the game in our hands until sometime in 2020. (Yes I'm being impatient and want it now).
  6. Fantastic. Can't wait for more.
  7. For all intents Hell Dorado is dead. Cipher Studios has dissolved and I don't see Asmodee re entering the table top miniature market(they can let Fantasy Flight handle that). I think the mature subject( the main appeal for me) was a hard sell for many folks ( at least in the U.S.).
  8. Ideal stretch goals for me would be models that are not already available in some form and 3d elements for the board. I've been an avid player of Knight models Batman Miniature game since the beginning(nearly 5 years now). As more of a miniature gamer than board gamer what will really sell this for me are elements like 3d scatter terrain( cars, barricades, lamp posts) that aren't necessary to play the game but will add a miniature, skirmish game feel. Also models that Knight Models has not already released. The Oracle model was a good start. How about also including: -Various "Elseworlds" Batmen -Scarface & the Ventriloquist -Man Bat -KGBeast -David & Cassandra "Batgirl" Cain Also Themed Story Expansions like Knightfall or No Man's Land. I can see unique play boards (like snowy, urban desolation for NML) and they could include unique characters specific to that storyline
  9. Huge fan of the Hell Dorado Miniature game which led me to Claustrophobia. Really liked the inclusion of some of the Hell Dorado characters in Claustrophobia's later expansions. Really hope to see the classic models updated to the level of detail in Conan and Batman, possibly even some new interpretations of older Hell Dorado models(if that's possible, between Cipher & Asmodee who knows where Hell Dorado stands?). Or will this be a completely new interpretation of the original?If it is I hope its still set in Hell.
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