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  1. Backed! And they are pushing 400k after just a few hours... doing nicely. Guess it pays to listen to the fans? ;) Looks like they will have to add some more stretch goals.
  2. This is good news! Always refreshing to see a humble response to the fans when things don't work out they way they might have initially wanted them to. Kudos for that, Monolith. As a retail buyer + eBay lurker when Conan first came out, I own most (but not all) of the existing content and really wanted new Minis and new (official) adventures to enhance the game - looks like that's part of the new plan. I didn't back anything on the failed kickstarter that was recently cancelled - there just wasn't enough of anything I wanted or needed. If I can eventually pick up reprints or NOS for some of the things I am still missing (Black Dragons, Guest boxes), then that's all good too... but new minis or adventures excite me way more, and I will back that!
  3. Knock knock, 2020 is almost here. Hoping for new Conan???! 😉
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