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  1. Ouch ! I don't know why I haven't read Batman Eternal, yet ; the Wiki page looks SO GOOD ! By the way, Nightwing does not appear anywhere, there. Is Dick Under the cape or...?
  2. Hah ! My point was : you thought he was KO but finally...
  3. Waow. I did not even KNOW there were French Batman books. Will it be translated in English ?
  4. Hey, hey ! What changes/evolutions in THS do you hope to reflect more the universe of the Batman ? My point of view: it sould definitely include a stealth system, with one-versus-all scenarios (meaning: one heroes against many bad guys ). For instance, the player could have between three and five tokens to show the possible places where Batman/Nightwing/etc. is but in fact, all but one are mere lures. Think it could be a good way to reproduce theses moments where shadows are your best ally/ennemy, depending on which side your on. Moreover, not to forget that Bruce is not only a man of action but a great detective also, we could imagine a system where at the beginning of the game, the player can loose time (tours) to get advantages (bonuses, possibility on the map, etc.) ; is the introduction of Hush not the best examples for that ? Regards, Emmanuel
  5. Hello, I understood Jim Lee is to be the main inspiration for this board game and the pictures of Batman and Killer Croc confrim this point but appart from Hush, what could the authors avise me to read if I want to get an idea of the general atmosfear of the game ? Regards, Emmanuel
  6. Hey guys ! As Bazman said, this could be more a short campaign (and I do have other ideas in my mind ). Having said that, changing characters during one game could be really fun with civilian versions of our favorite heroes : Hush, Court of Owls, etc. How many times did Bruce Wayne see villains in action without being able to do anything but looking for a nice place to put his suit on ? Of course, this would require a map showing a mondain venue like opera, theatre, etc. He is the big BIG villain in Morrison's : Black Glove, supporting Professor Pyg, shrink, etc.
  7. Oh my gosh : this is exactly the kind of Bane I like. A LOT of muscles but not so much that you feel like there's no brain any more...
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