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  1. Has anyone been following Metal? It's been the best DC Comic I've read since Capullo/Snyders run ended.
  2. Birmingham, I would recommend you contact Mana Leak store.
  3. Herbert Langstrom and Man-Bat together would be a nice one. Would it be too much to venture to include the Royal Flush gang too? theyre more justice league but still!
  4. The Ventriloquist and Scarface would be amazing. I had totally forgotten about them.
  5. Greg Capullo and Jim Lees are the only ones worth it I think.
  6. San Diego Comic Con gave us something interesting which is written by Scott Snyder and written by Greg Capullo!
  7. Another suggestion from me regarding Catwoman:- Would it be possible for Catwoman to have her own win objectives where she can win even if the other players lose? It'd be kept secret from them but would also be reflect her having her own agenda really well.
  8. Fire has to be done as an exercise in reverse highlight, starting with Orange for the broadest bits working all the way up to a very thin black at the top. I have done it before on Warhammer Fantasy Flagellants. Duncans tutorials tend to be simple and good for this kind of thing.
  9. This is rather simple - the one from Hush. It's a good interpretation of the classic design of Catwoman. For fans of the more classic stuff, there is a crossover coming up written by Scott Snyder called Batman: Metal which looks like it could be tying up all the threads from The original Crisis on Multiple Earths all the way through to New 52s Endgame!
  10. To be fair, if it makes sense to keep them knocked out, I would do the same thing.
  11. I read through the first two arcs of it. The first arc with Batman facing off against a huge gallery of villains is amazing and serves as an excellent analysis of Two Face. It also returns KGBeast back to prominence as a genuine threat to Batman.
  12. I love the new ones. The only complaint I have is regarding Croc looking a bit too much like the Spiderman villain, the Lizard.
  13. The returning from KO point though, is very similar to the way comics work. Someone taken out of a fight is around for the big ending. I like that mechanic a lot as it means the villain needs to really have a good setup to take out a few characters quickly and keep them down.
  14. Catwoman eternal isn't really a separate thing. In Batman Eternal they did a lot of side stories. Catwomans was a particularly interesting one as it elaborates on a lot of her past.
  15. I had heard something about this. It's supposed to be going along with DC imminently releasing a big Justice League manga. It looks interesting.
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