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  1. Oh my gosh, guys, I almost forgot I had this!!!! Actually, I guess technically I did forget. My son asked to play tonight which reminded me. Why did I just spend $320 on a Batman game when I already have THE Batman Game??
  2. Here is the signed art work that I have! And here is something a buddy made me to break in his new skill saw! He started with just the bat, and I convinced him to do the border and background (and paint job) too!
  3. My boys got me this for Christmas. Got it out today to start building. This was the first step Now I just need to develop a “penguins with rocket launchers” scenario and I’m totally going to use this as a stand in. (I can totally pretend a buzzsaw is a rocket launcher, right?).
  4. I’ve got some signed artwork that a friend got for me at a convention a few years ago. I’ll snap a picture when I get back to the office next week.
  5. I’d like to echo the sentiment. I know I called you all my heros in my first comment. And while that was mostly just to join in the fun, it’s kinda true. I’ve never seen a comment section be so much fun. This was my first major kickstarter campaign and while i always planned to get the game, I had figured I’d pledge and then be done. Watching the comment section evolve was amazing. I wish I had joined in from the start instead of waiting until halfway through. It was weird being the fly in the wall. I felt a part of everything even though I wasn’t. But I knew I wanted to be, so I joined in. Thanks for all the fun. I can’t wait for it to continue. Hopefully we can have fun and help this next year go by faster. I may see some of you around Kickstarter. I’m new to boardgaming and need to build my collection. And I may be kinda addicted now.... hopefully my finances can keep up. Anyone know where I can sell a kidney....
  6. Haha, mine asked me just how long we will continue chatting in the comments, when I said I didn’t know she asked if wives got a vote.
  7. I will definitely be asking for input/advice when and if I decide to learn to paint! I’m looing at picking up the Reaper learn to paint kit.
  8. I have to admit, it took me more than a minute to figure out what happened here.
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