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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Unofficial guide to create new Scenarios for Conan the Boardgame. It contains an easy to use table to create new balanced scenarios.
  2. GUIDE TO CREATE NEW CONAN THE BOARDGAME SCENARIOS View File This is a Unofficial guide to create new Scenarios for Conan the Boardgame. It contains an easy to use table to create new balanced scenarios. I read it again, just to make shure its ok. And I fpund a mistake, that will be changed as soon as I recive feedback. In the section of balancing equipment and enemi tiles, it says that Ikhmeth damage potencial is 7. It shoul be 5. Just so you know. Submitter Remys Submitted 02/20/2020 Category Resources
  3. I want mounted units. And for those mounted units you also need a big map to move around. What about a huge map like a battlefield? It would be cool to have that mechanic of conecting two maps again. It would be great to have spear units with the reach ability to fight against those mounted units. A war chariot to put the units on it, for those sorcerrers to ride into battle.
  4. The map It's a PDF and there is a portion of the map on every page. You just have to glue them together and the size is the same as a real map. It's pretty simple. It just takes some time to put together. I actually just tape it and it looks amazing. And about the mine bit-currency on the website, you can turn it off.
  5. That Bêlit looks amazing. I would like to see her from up close.
  6. This is a Campaign I create for the Queen of the Black Coast as a campaign. I tried to be as close a possible to the source material, and to do that I had to include an unofficial map to represent the jungle in which the ruins are located. You could download the map and print it from https://www.conan-scenarios.com/customMaps.php. Thanks to Franzi, the creator of such a gorgeous map, for doing it. Also, I would like to thanks to Rober E. Howard for creating this world, and as an homage to him, I used some quotes from the original story that better depict the scenarios. The campaign is made of 4 scenarios that are played in order. At the end of every one, the winning side gets an award for winning, but also, the losing side gets an award too. I used that system to create an artificial handicap so neither side feels he has already lost the campaign from the beginning. The resolution of the last scenario decides the winning side. I hope you enjoy it and all feedback is welcome. Queen of the Black Coast I.pdf Queen of the Black Coast II.pdf Queen of the Black Coast III.pdf Queen of the Black Coast IV.pdf
  7. I like your rules for the campaign mode. They are interesting. I'm developing a campaign for the Queen of the Black Coast. I will soon be finishing it. Good job doing all those scenarios. But the sad part is that I cannot play them. I don´t have all those expansions. When i get them I will try your campaign.
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