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  1. Pirates are done! SOOOOOO many colors....
  2. "Again Balthus recognized the monster from ancient legends. He saw and knew the ancient and evil serpent which swayed there, its wedge-shaped head, huge as that of a horse, as high as a tall man's head, and its palely gleaming barrel rippling out behind it. A forked tongue darted in and out, and the firelight glittered on bared fangs. Balthus became incapable of emotion. The horror of his fate paralysed him. That was the reptile that the ancients called Ghost Snake, the pale, abominable terror that of old glided into huts by night to devour whole families. Like the python it crushed its victim, but unlike other constrictors its fangs bore venom that carried madness and death." Been intimidated on how to pull off a white paint job on something so large. But I finally managed it.
  3. My overall progress so far. I find Group photos help motivate me to make the next photo even bigger. Anybody else have any other photos of what you have painted so far?
  4. Bringing the Captain in, along with ALL of his friends. I thought about doing the alternate sculpts as well, but since the highest number you see in scenarios of this unit is 15, I figured this was more then enough. Definitely going to be painting a few one-offs for a bit... 🙂
  5. One more done! One more crimson nail into the Pillar of Vengeance!
  6. Here's some Pics of what I have painted so far.
  7. Thanks! Although most of the work was from the airbrush I had just bought before this picture. 🙂
  8. I took my time with him, since he was the first one painted, and he's still my best mini from this game so far.
  9. I agree his face is very badly sculpted. if I had to do it over again, I would probably just paint his face as a bronze mask, with the spell light reflecting off of it. It makes sense character wise since he is part of a despised cult and would want to hide his Identity as much as possible while traveling.
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