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  1. Is it just me or are there a lot of icons missing? I can only see half the hero icons, and a lot of henchman icons are missing for me.
  2. Now that season 2 is over I got a lot of what I wanted : Thalia, Ventriloquist, Owlman. For season 3 I would love to see so many ideas from Dondon's post above. But here are some of my personal tastes that I would definitely buy: - A Teen Titans expansion with a Dick Grayson Robin. I think Beast Boy would be fun to change stats with different animal forms. Add in Starfire, Raven and Cyborg and you've got my money. Maybe throw in some villains, but it's those 5 heroes I'm most interested in. I know Superman can't be added as he's too strong, but I think you can add these 5 without breaking the powerscale. These are teens and are on the same pace as Robin who is in the game. Plus more flying heroes! - A Batman Beyond expansion with Return of the Joker content - Bat-suit Joker (not sure the name of this one, but the Joker when he puts on his own bat costume and does his own version of "justice" on Gotham citizens) - Calendar Man - Kite Man - Swamp Thing - Rag doll - Ace the Bat-hound - Stephanie Brown as Robin
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