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  1. Matt John S

    Bone Golem

    From the album: Matt John's Menagerie

  2. Matt John S


    Is this the official mini for the winged ape?
  3. Matt John S

    Ambient music for your games

    Knut Haugen's music for Age of Conan and Conan Exiles are superb, as well. We all know and love Basil's music from the 80s films, but not everyone is aware of Knut's work which really capture's Basil's feel while (as I see it) continuing where he left off.
  4. Matt John S

    Ambient music for your games

    I've recently discovered Paleowolf, and though it's less musical and more ambient, it really gives a great feel. Sometimes you want something that blends into the background a little more and merely suggests a tone.

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