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  1. If you have great content for the Overlord, please let me know. I, too, want to see Whispers From Stygia in print. We will have to see what happens.
  2. Strange. I'll see what I can find out. Thanks.
  3. I'm not sure. Does it seem like a random smattering of missing images or entire sections?
  4. @Epaka,the latest episode features an -ahem- 'special guest' 😉
  5. They were playing Golden Axe, actually 😉
  6. I found this one difficult to paint. the details were fine. But It's done. Good job on yours.
  7. I actually just finished painting her. Going to need a Valeria for a little not-so-secret project I'm working on.
  8. We would love to use this @Epaka. Is that okay with you? To whom should we give the credit?
  9. Epaka! I love it. Let me show it to the fellas! I'll get back to you.
  10. We'll make announcements about what we're doing with Claustrophobia in time. As for the Helldorado license, no, we only have the Claustrophobia license.
  11. I'll say this, I intend to find out what's up with the compendiums. As far as I know it's close to finished. I edited it a long time ago. I think the team is just very busy at the moment. Also, there is no licensing beef with Cabinet. Our partnership is strong and things are moving ahead. Don't worry, just do your best to be patient, though I know it's been a long time. I have personally been working on free-for-the-community projects to keep the game alive in the meantime (more to come, thanks to our stalwart community members).
  12. Hey! Glad you enjoyed it. We're having a ton of fun and got lots more to come. This Tuesday we're dropping a new episode featuring a guest from Modiphius, Chris Lites. Let me know how you feel about the other episodes.
  13. Look what I've been up to. A little research. A little painting my wife's nails...
  14. I also like that this thread references my favorite comedic television series.
  15. For the second Batman Ks will offer all or some of the previous KS stuff (at leas the core game for sure) and will also offer some new expansions.
  16. @Epaka Oh man, I love the idea of using dice to track hp. That is the most fiddly part! What I want to do is find some numbered sticks in large quantites that I can stick to the top of exiting minis so I can have minis for the bad guys...
  17. My group is fairly hooked on it at the moment. The minis got nothing on Conan, but as you say, they are an afterthought.
  18. This guy was fun to paint. I went the speedy route. No special techinques; just washes and basic layering:
  19. We just started playing Gloomhaven. Loving it. I did paint the Cragheart, but of course don't the photo on my phone :(. I went quick and dirty. I don't want this getting in the way of my Conan painting! Fortunately, there are few to paint.
  20. Conan and Cthulhu Wars are my two on-going painting projects. I really need to put more pics up of my stuff. These look great ^
  21. Gah! I'm stupid. I'l try and fix that when I get home.
  22. Hey folks, if you're playing the solo/coop material in the (Modiphius) Monolith Sourcebook, this may be very helpful 😉 If you don't what that book is, have a look: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/260411/Conan-The-Monolith-Sourcebook file:///C:/Users/Matt_PC/Downloads/Conan%20Solo%20Quest%20Log.pdf
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