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  1. I also have been playing quite a bit of Rising Sun, and more recently I received Lords of Hellas. Both have been incredible games.
  2. @Andaeln I did not receive a tracking number either. It was quite the surprise this morning.
  3. Got mine today in the mail. Thank you so much Monolith and Overlord community. This company rocks, and I will be continuing to support your projects. Cant wait for Batman and all the Mythic Battle goodness.
  4. I backed within 2 minutes of launch and was still backer 570. This Kickstarter is going to slay.
  5. The countdown on the site, does it display my local time or EST?
  6. I wouldn't mind minis for the Justice League. They could incorporate scenarios where batman needs to call upon the Justice League for help.
  7. The field-set under upcoming events on the right side of the main page which I believe should say "Subjects" instead says "Sujets". figure I'd point it out in case anyone cares enough to fix it.
  8. Definitely would like to make a river tile for the over-lord with Shredder, probably Bebop and Rocksteady as well. I think next I will make a hero card so I can use Conan in Zombicide: Black Plague.
  9. Thought it would be fun to make hero cards for the turtle minis from Shadows of the Past. No idea how they play, but tried to give them abilities that reflected the character. If anyone can point me toward a template for equipment cards, I would be forever grateful. Enjoy.
  10. Has anyone tried the Devil in Iron campaign yet? If so has anyone else found it horribly unbalanced for the overlord? My group are 3 scenarios in and in each one they have managed to win the scenario in less than 3 turns. I have barely had a chance to move as the heroes easily wipe out my entire crew in a turn or two. when I do manage to activate a group they are so lame and weak that I don't even make a dent in the heroes. It is really ruining my love for the game as each scenario feels like the overlords role is to just move guys around for the heroes to slaughter. and as for my group, they are getting bored as there has been no challenge for them. I have played the game enough to know I am playing the rules correctly, and scenarios outside of this campaign have felt much more balanced. It just feels like the campaign was tossed together and not play-tested, it has been bullshit so far.
  11. I am optimistic. Between the new Lord of the Rings series, The Witcher and now this. So many epic shows coming, cant freaking wait.
  12. re-print the whole thing. I would love to see a new Kickstarter offering all in pledge for all the above, just like you recently did with book of set. a proper Conan crossover would be nice as well.
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