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To Mag V EN


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To Mag V EN

Here it is! After a few years long hiatus, we are very happy to present to you this 5th Overlord Compendium, the fruit of the labours of our community members.


This is what you will find:


  • Step-by-step painting guides for the "Conan the Conqueror" miniature (by @Roolz) and the horrific "Deep One" (by Razorspoon), both from the latest Conan the Conqueror expansion.
  • The "Monolith backstage" short comics are back, from @franhoiss.
  • A reading guide to introduce you to the Batman comics, by Aerth and @madcollector.
  • A BGCC boardgame scenario (by @Arzok) to go with the Batman comics guide...
  • A Conan boardgame scenario (by @Pipire and @teil)


We'd like to thank every person involved with the making of this Compendium, wether by writing it, proofreading it, for their ideas or just for their support.

A particular nod to @teil for leading this project, and to @Renand for the logistics.

And of course thanks to Monolith for their games and for supporting this community.


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1 hour ago, SmallRealities said:

Thank you! I know many players have been looking forward to a new issue of The Overlord.


Since there are no plans for print edition, would it be possible to have a version that we can print on Lulu.com?

We're looking into it but we have to do print tests first. Lulu has constraints that impact the layout.

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