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  1. Why not? There should be a plethora of sticks and pebbles on the ground in most parks.
  2. For holding down most basing materials: Aleene's Tacky Glue (It's a PVA glue that is much stronger than traditional white PVA glues.) For Holding down larger objects (stumps, larger pebbles, etc) I use Zap-a-Gap or another hobby-brand super glue. (I recommend not using generic, dollar store super glues or crazy glue due to their lower shear strength). Also, super glue (cyanoacrylates) cure faster the more humid it is. Several tips: 1. Lightly score or sand the surface of the base prior to applying glue. 2. Do NOT thin out (water down) your PVA glue when applying. 3. Do not shake off excess flock until the PVA has had at least 10 minutes to cure.
  3. It was from noreply@monolithedition.com via mailchimpapp.net with the subject "Monolith - The Overlord Magazines - PDF" "
  4. Congrats! Lots of great paintwork!
  5. 1) He does not have any spells for this scenario 2) Correct 3) The first example. That number is the actor's free movement. Then each gem spent is 1 additional movement, 4) Yes, but all free movement will be lost for the remainder of the turn after the action. 5) No. The number in the Flame symbol on their tile is the cost to revive a dead model and deploy it in a reinforcement zone. Reinforcement costs have nothing to do with the overlord gems.
  6. I'll have a go at this! Giant Snake from Conan, patterned after an African Bush Viper.
  7. Turn off the background images and export to a pdf.
  8. They've been available for months .I received my email on June 26th with the links.
  9. I received my TO magazines today, but am wondering about the pdf versions. When will they be made available for those of us that pledged for them?
  10. No scenarios at the moment. I had planned to go back and read some of the De Camp Conan novels for inspiration, but I became side-tracked with other projects.
  11. They are in the english version of the tilesystem scenario editor. http://www.smallrealities.com/conandownloads
  12. How will this be made available? PDF, print, both?
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Markers to place on the maps for indicating areas than can be leapt over.
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