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Conan 210 : The Rise of Set is Nigh

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Greetings adventurers,

We have several pieces of information this week, so let’s get started.


The revised rulebooks:


The sending of the v2 rulebooks is now complete. We will quickly begin the redirection of the lost, damaged or returned booklets to the sender. Between the compilation of the information, the actual shipment and the delivery deadlines, it will take a few weeks more. We can not, at this point, give you more details on when you will receive them. We are on it; it will just take a little bit more time to work out the details.


The Conan Kickstarter beginning September 5th:


We can now give you a date and time! It will launch September 5th, 2017, 21h Paris, 15h on the East Coast of the United States. Most of the content will be a re-offering of the previously published Kickstarter materials, except for The Book of Set.


It will come as a beautifully illustrated, colored tome of 96 pages, with a hardcover, similar to the campaign book. It will contain approximately twenty scenarios (some of which are already available on our website, with the rest to follow) and a large number of background pages relating to the characters and creatures of the Hyborian Age with:

• texts by R. E. Howard © Bragelonne

• texts by Franck "Pallantides" Magoni

• pictures of painted miniatures by Martin Grandbarbe

• illustrations by Adrian Smith, Brom, Cl4renko and others

Here are some examples of work-in-progress pages of the Book of Set:






The Kickstarter campaign will come in an atypical form:

An extremely short campaign: only 5 days.

No Stretch Goals.

No Pledge Manager: the simplicity of the offerings makes a PM unnecessary. The shipping costs will be available on the KS page.

No Late Pledges.

Very few pledge levels:

  • the Book of Set.
  • The Book of Set + the King Pledge/Box+ Stretch Goals (1,450 English and 350 French).
  • The Book of Set + All-in (190 English and 90 French).
  • The Book of Set + 7 Kickstarter Exclusive items: Wolves, Valkyrie, Campaign/Art book, Saber-toothed Tiger, Baal-Pteor, Black Dragons, Demon of the Earth (250 English and 100 French).

• Only one pledge per person.

V2 rules: All All-ins and King Pledges will include the revised version of the rulebooks.


A few other details:

Extremely short waiting times: Deliveries will start just 5 weeks after the campaign, directly from our French and North American hubs, where All-Ins and King pledges are already stored. The Compendiums will be printed in Europe and the United States or shipped by air. As a result, pledgers will receive their pledges sometime in November, 2017.

A primo-priced pricing policy: so as to be fair to our initial Conan pledgers, who have suffered from our unpreparedness and who took on the initial risk and endured delays, prices of All-ins and King pledges will be approximately 10% higher than they were in 2015. During our first campaign, our prices reflected the fact that the pledgers assumed a number of risks. They have been patient and have endured long months of delays. So, in order to be fair to those who got us going, the All-ins and Kings + SG prices will be approximately 10% higher than in 2015.


And finally, we will offer you a brand new scenario on our website. It will be included in the Book of Set, but wouldn’t you like a preview? Sure you would!

Bye for now.

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Any idea how much the King and All-In pledges might be?  I saw they would be approx. 10% over the previous KS, but as a person who missed the previous KS, I don't know what that is.  Looking at the original pledge levels, King was $139, but there was no All-In pledge level, that was only in the PM.  I have a retail copy of Conan, but would love to pick up everything.  I have my clock/alarms set for Sept. 5th.  Thanks for any info.

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Kings Pledge was $135.  Add on 10% and it's $148.50.  Add on the Book of Set, which is probably about $20 and it's $168.50.  Factor in shipping which might be around $20 and I'd say the total will be around $190-200 for the King's Pledge.

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