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  1. One thing I would like is a professionally printed map board of the Rock Pools map that Monolith & Mythic gave us as a PDF of in this update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/806316071/mythic-battles-pantheon/posts/2018470 Having the Skirmish rules pro-printed would be great too.
  2. Is there any way to order a second copy? I like to have spares.
  3. Just like on the French site I voted for them all! Also, on the topic of balance. I, too, have yet to see a scenario that is truly unbalanced. 9 times out of ten, whenever someone says a game is unbalanced it's usually something else. In the case of Conan, either someone forgot about a skill, or forgot about encumbrance limits, or something else they could do. Or, and this may sound mean, but sometimes one of the people playing just honestly isn't as "clever" as the other player. People talking about balance when they've only played a couple of times is one of my pet peeves.
  4. Yes, definitely, but just know that you need a King's Pledge in order to play it.
  5. Are you asking about the 2019 KS? I doubt they even know yet. They're working on Batman now and they're following that up with Claustrophobia. Chances are we won't have any good info on the next Conan until the end of 2018.
  6. That would be very cool! The latest Cthulh Wars KS (Onslaught 3 ) introduced the "Investigators" figures with new mechanics. I actually suggested in that KS that we could use Conan and friends as investigators in Cthulhu Wars with maybe using the Primeval Map to make it a little more thematically appropriate. No one seemed to care, though.
  7. I only brought up zoning because several months back on the French Overlord there was a lot of back and forth on the fan-made jungle map (which I believe is in the scenario editor now). There was some disagreement on the arrangement of zones and I think they even took a poll. I can't remember exactly because I didn't participate because at that point I wasn't really in a position to be able to print out my own maps.
  8. You'd also need to develop a zoning system everyone agrees with. It's sometimes not as cut and dry as it looks to get the zones right.
  9. So, I was watching all of the coverage for the Mythic Day event for Mythic Battles: Pantheon and it looked like a great event. They've said they're planning on doing more of these around the world. It occurred to me that a similar Conan event could be cool. I was just wondering if anyone else had thoughts or plans for such an event?
  10. Crom


  11. There are actually 3 things Modiphius has said they're working on for John Carter. An RPG, a miniatures game, and a board game. Here's a link to their website page for JC: http://www.modiphius.com/john-carter.html That page has been there for at least a year, so I don't know how fast it's going. You can tell by the dates that they're a little behind schedule. You can see a bunch of the miniatures there as well. There's no mention of Monolith's involvement. In the last year and a half that I've been following I've never heard Monolith's name in relation to it, so if they were involved it was a long time ago.
  12. Kings Pledge was $135. Add on 10% and it's $148.50. Add on the Book of Set, which is probably about $20 and it's $168.50. Factor in shipping which might be around $20 and I'd say the total will be around $190-200 for the King's Pledge.
  13. Maybe ask @Matt John S about this, as he's not only the mod for the English Overlord, but he wrote the Modiphius crossover book. He might be able to talk to the right people about both issues.
  14. Some cool ideas here! I like the idea of campaigns based on REH stories. That would be a ton of work, though. Also, evolutive map tiles would be cool. Although, I do like the fixed boards we have, as it makes set-up a breeze. Maybe they could do both? Some fixed map boards and a set of tiles to make different configurations, maybe even being able to combine the two together.
  15. I agree that a Tower of the Elephant scenario would be awesome. I really don't like that Reaper mini, though. I'm fine with the Yogah of Yag from Monolith. It's one of the best minis in the game! Remember, too, that it's supposed to be his true form and not the decrepit Yag-Kosha. The only thing he's missing is wings.
  16. I actually meant to post this here, but I somehow accidentally posted it in another thread, but... Oh yeah, I forgot about Greg Manchess! He did the illustrations for the third Del Rey book. All his work is great, not just the Conan stuff, and everyone should check him out.
  17. I hadn't checked this in a while. It's looking great! Is there any possibility of being able to add the Modiphius tiles?
  18. Thanks, Pallantides! I did not know that it was previously used for LotR. I love seeing process stuff like that. It's also interesting to see the original juxtaposed with the printed version. I've heard that back in the day illustrators would often exaggerate certain colors, because they knew they would be severely muted in the four color printing process. I'm guessing we're seeing that in action here.
  19. That cover to Conan Universe #1 is stunning. I once had almost a full run of the Marvel books, but they all got destroyed. All I have left is a few issues of the B&W Conan saga. At least I still have the Busiek/Nord run. I enjoyed the Brian Wood run, too. I haven't had a chance to read any of the ones after that, though.
  20. Oh yeah, I forgot about Greg Manchess! He did the illustrations for the third Del Rey book. All his work is great, not just the Conan stuff, and everyone should check him out.
  21. I'm a bit swamped at the moment, but I could potentially do illustrations for the character sheets and tiles. When would you need them by?
  22. I've found a lot of people don't "get" Conan at first. One criticism I've often heard is that Conan is so overpowered that the other characters aren't as fun. Whenever someone says that I know immediately that they've only played the game once (if at all). Anyone who's given the game some time will quickly realize that all the scenarios are wildly different and although Conan may be the strongest in terms of melee attacks, that isn't necessarily the most important skill for winning that particular scenario. Some people play so many games that they often only play a game once and then write a review either praising the game or dismissing it, which is why I don't put too much stock in some of those pro reviewers. The few reviewers that do actually play a game often and really learn it and get to the essence of the game have all praised Conan.
  23. I don't know either one, but now I have "I Want Your Skulls" by the Misfits in my head, so thank you.
  24. Also, I can't believe I forgot this, but a Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Lankhmar game would be awesome! Any other Fritz Leiber fans out there?
  25. There was a similar post to this on BGG a while back and I figured I'd start a thread here for people to share ideas. I'm just curious as to what people are looking forward to seeing in the next KS, which is hopefully only a year and a half away (If they could bump that up, that'd be great ). Here's my list so far: - New locations: Turan, Aquilonia, and all that good stuff. Jungles, forests, ruined temples, dark and seedy alleys all sound awesome. A "Thieves' Quarter" of town (The Maul?). I would also like a new tower map. The Khitai one is awesome, but you can never have too many towers in Conan! By the same token, a new tavern would be nice, too. Also, a frontier fort map a la Beyond the Black River. - It would be awesome if they took a page from Mythic Battles and had sea maps with maneuverable ships. If would have to be little abstracted, but it could be cool if done well. - I liked how you can combine the Stygia city map with the ships map. More stuff like that, please. - More exploration of stealth mechanics would be interesting. - Knockout rules in combat might be interesting. For example, if you knock an opponent down, they lose their armor bonus. - Mounted characters on horseback. Maybe give them a Base Movement of 5. They could have a "Charge" ability, where if they charge into your space you have the choice of either taking damage or moving into an adjacent area. If you can't move you're forced to take damage. EDIT: And let's not forget that in the first Arnie movie, Conan not only punches a camel, but a horse right in the face, knocking the rider off. - More interaction with the environment would be great. We got these neat minis in the KS like the bookshelf and torches but they aren't really used for anything. Even the tables and chairs aren't used very often. I'd like to see more elements like that get utilized. Anyway, those are some ideas I had. What is everyone else hoping to see in the future?
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