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Campaign: The Abomination of the Black River

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Campaign - 4 players - Hard - Barbarian Box + SG + add-on Black Dragons

scenar popoff.jpg

"A campaign of three scenarios. Featuring Pallantides, Pelias and Taurus, accompanied by Black Dragons, who will try to stop the coming of the abominable Thaug, invoked by Zogar Sag, on Earth. The elements acquired in the first two acts make it easier to overcome the Abomination of the Black River, invoked by the shaman."







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We started playing this campaign last night and enjoyed the first scenario (easy for the heroes, but we've not played for a while so good scenario to ease us all back into the game). We made a few tweaks to the scenario (nothing wrong with Rules as Written, but the tweaks suit our play style a little better). These included:


1. Black Dragons. Heroes can choose how many to deploy (0-5), but the number is finite. If heroes want to minimise casualties they can hold some back in reserve. If they deploy all, they risk taking casualties that won't then be available in future games. At the end of each scenario heroes roll red die to see how many casualties recover for next game. In our game, heroes deployed 5 with 3 casualties. They rolled a 2 so there will be 4 Black Dragons in scenario 2. 


2. Location of spider is hidden. Heroes know there is one (or more) spider but don't know which hut is occupied. This introduces a little drama and tension into the game without upsetting balance too much. 


3. Contents of asset deck are kept secret. We do this in most games we play. Keeps it fun for the heroes to discover what is present. In this scenario heroes know they must collect clues, but don't know how many there are or what other equipment is hidden. 


4. Scenario suggests all chests are unlocked and this is how we played (1 gem for simple manipulation to open). It would have made quite a difference if chests were locked so happy to keep this unaltered. Edit: If a scenario does not specify manipulation difficulty for chest, Hero book states they should be considered locked with difficulty value of 2. 


5. Event tile options kept secret. Heroes don't know that Picts, snake and/or outer demon may appear. Again doesn't really alter balance but introduces some tension. 


In our game the heroes won scenario 1 fairly easily and managed to open all of the chests so collected all clues. They did lose a Black Dragon. Overall a fun scenario that is designed to be easy for the heroes, but overlord can cause damage to make follow up scenarios more difficult. 


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