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  1. Look forward to having a read. Don't know (yet!) if you mention this, but one way to dip your toe into scenario writing is to play around with an existing scenario by changing things here and there. I find you quickly get a feel for how different abilities, skills etc affect a game without the overhead of trying to design a scenario from scratch. It's also a good way of getting extra life out of previously played scenarios, especially those that were considered too one sided in their balance. Anyway downloading now!
  2. We started playing this campaign last night and enjoyed the first scenario (easy for the heroes, but we've not played for a while so good scenario to ease us all back into the game). We made a few tweaks to the scenario (nothing wrong with Rules as Written, but the tweaks suit our play style a little better). These included: 1. Black Dragons. Heroes can choose how many to deploy (0-5), but the number is finite. If heroes want to minimise casualties they can hold some back in reserve. If they deploy all, they risk taking casualties that won't then be available in future games. At the end of each scenario heroes roll red die to see how many casualties recover for next game. In our game, heroes deployed 5 with 3 casualties. They rolled a 2 so there will be 4 Black Dragons in scenario 2. 2. Location of spider is hidden. Heroes know there is one (or more) spider but don't know which hut is occupied. This introduces a little drama and tension into the game without upsetting balance too much. 3. Contents of asset deck are kept secret. We do this in most games we play. Keeps it fun for the heroes to discover what is present. In this scenario heroes know they must collect clues, but don't know how many there are or what other equipment is hidden. 4. Scenario suggests all chests are unlocked and this is how we played (1 gem for simple manipulation to open). It would have made quite a difference if chests were locked so happy to keep this unaltered. Edit: If a scenario does not specify manipulation difficulty for chest, Hero book states they should be considered locked with difficulty value of 2. 5. Event tile options kept secret. Heroes don't know that Picts, snake and/or outer demon may appear. Again doesn't really alter balance but introduces some tension. In our game the heroes won scenario 1 fairly easily and managed to open all of the chests so collected all clues. They did lose a Black Dragon. Overall a fun scenario that is designed to be easy for the heroes, but overlord can cause damage to make follow up scenarios more difficult.
  3. I've not written any scenarios for Conan yet, mainly because I'm mostly a Wargamer and my scenario writing is generally in that direction. We try to play board games one evening mid week, but Conan competes with other games. So it's also a case of too little time. Whilst I enjoy Conan, I'm not so well versed in all of the stories so also struggle a bit thinking what characters to include. I do enjoy writing scenarios for the games I'm more familiar with though so I may well consider putting a few scenarios together as I get more acquainted with Hyboria. More info on my gaming stuff is on the blog.
  4. With regards to (1), a quick thought is an 'injuries' deck for characters that are 'killed' during a particular scenario (or take some other scenario specific damage). Players draw a card at random (or roll on a table to keep the paper overhead down) with an injury that affects their abilities. Loss of dice, downgraded dice (eg red to orange, orange to yellow), loss of gems or a permanent weight burden (meaning carrying objects will more quickly cause the character to lose skills etc). You could make these as severe as you like, right up to the point that a character can barely carry on and his colleagues decide to leave him in the mud 😀 You could also have cursed objects in chests that the character cannot discard until they achieve some campaign goal. Armour that saps energy without providing protection, a helmet that blinds the character until removed etc. For campaign play I like sub objectives that run across the campaign. Helps link everything together and gives players more things to think about. Do I search these chests to find the antidote to the poison I was infected with last game or focus my attention on helping my party rescue the princess (or prince!) to win the scenario. Yes things rapidly become unbalanced, but that doesn't matter when everybody is having a great time.
  5. These campaigns are all excellent with super production qualities and the effort put in to create them is very much appreciated. I've mentioned some of these ideas elsewhere, but thought I'd list them again here. 1. The latest campaign has boon cards for ongoing positive bonuses. How about doom cards for ongoing negative traits that are carried through the campaign. 2. The campaigns that draw on the full range of material available have most interest to me, especially using the widest range of maps (including maps from MB Pantheon). However, I appreciate some folks may not have all of the expansions and it may be better to narrow the focus to be as inclusive as possible. One option may be to offer optional scenarios. That is, if for example the Heros win/lose they go to a specified scenario that may offer a couple of options depending on the maps that the player has available. Another, easier to implement, option would be to have pre/post campaign scenarios that use maps from expansions. These would not impact on the campaign itself but perhaps help to flesh out the story etc. I believe Mat did something similar in the Modiphius sourcebook (for different reasons). 3. The quality of the material deserves professional printing. Any advice on print services for getting the various material printed to a higher quality than possible at home would be great. This is especially the case for cards etc that have a front and back and really need to be printed on the same card stock as those in the core game. Getting Monolith to publish one or more in a future compendium would also be terrific. I'd pay to have them in the current KS... 😉 4. Now Monolith have published details of their new KS, it would be interesting to know what material you may consider including in future campaigns. I'll be getting the legacy pledge and will probably be adding the demons faction in the pledge manager. This means I'll have the dragon, 8 black ones and the temple map. If folks know what your future plans are, it may help them to decide what to pledge for in the KS. With the proviso of course that nothing is official and future plans may change. Cheers Lee
  6. I've seen this mentioned elsewhere and think it is an excellent idea. The new Kickstarter should include an upgrade pledge that enables anybody (especially retail purchasers) to upgrade to a full Kings Pledge. Personally, I would like to see the items from the first campaign that I missed also being made available: - Black Ones - Dragon - Guest Boxes - Scenery Like many others I assumed that non ks exclusive expansions would be made available at retail. With regards to new stuff, much of what has already been discussed in this thread would be great. Creating balanced new scenarios is time consuming so having many more official scenarios is essential. My preferences: - Big box expansions with new boards (wilderness boards, temple etc). The ability to combine boards makes for interesting gameplay. - Overlord vs Overlord play mode - New campaign book with similar format to last (my group really enjoyed Devil...) - Additional scenery elements
  7. What I hope the Book of Set Kickstarter demonstrates is that there is a real desire amongst Conan gamers to purchase additional scenarios in printed form. I have already downloaded the pdf scenarios, but it's much nicer to have the book. I was lucky and managed to snag a copy of the book last night, but like many, I was disappointed to see so few made available. Whilst the gripes from some of those who missed the book have been a bit ott, the expressions of anguish surely demonstrate that the game has legs. It's great that Monolith have looked again at this campaign and made more books available to those who want them. Just imagine how popular a whole new 'campaign' book would be!
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