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"Success" of the Kickstarter

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Now that copies of the game are appearing in the wild has Monolith made any comment as to the "success" of the Kickstarter? Even though the initial print run did not sell out it came pretty close. Enough to warrant an expansion(s) ? If  Monolith runs a second limited Kickstarter for any remaining inventory could we see add ons (like with the MB:P 1.5 KS)? Really impressed by the quality of the game and looking forward to getting my copy on the table during game night this week.


As a slightly related follow up does Monolith's license of Claustrophobia in any way include the Hell Dorado property? The game shares the same  setting and creator. In my attempts to discover the fate of Hell Dorado I've had no luck getting any response from Ninja Division/Cipher or Asmodee(US)/ Asmodee(France). The game has disappeared into the pits of Hell. A long shot but here's hoping the property in in the hands of Monlith and that's why there's been no comment from other companies. Cheers

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We'll make announcements about what we're doing with Claustrophobia in time. 


As for the Helldorado license, no, we only have the Claustrophobia license. 

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