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Blue Tiles in Villain River

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I'm sure this is in the rules somewhere and I just can't see it, but how do blue tiles (police, guards, SWAT, etc) work when they're in the Villain river?


Do they just count as enemies that are controlled by the Villain like normal?


Or are they meant to be a hindrance to the Villain? Taking up space in their river and causing hindrance to their other units unless they take the time to knock them out?


An example of this is the Guards in the The Purge scenario.



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Hello, if there is blue tiles in the villain river, they are under villain's control. So the villain, play this tile just like another. Sometines good guys turn bad 😉

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Sorry to jump off the back of this thread but I didn't want to open another for something that might be really simply explained. What does it mean when a Villain card appears twice in the river on the set up? For example, in the Deadly Infection scenario, The Penguin appears in both the 1st and 5th position on the river. I am assuming this is something to do when Doctor Death comes along, but I can't find any mention of what this could mean in the rules.


Many thanks!

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