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  1. 1- yes 2- You do like regular wound so first from fatigue zone. 3-No cause it's not a movement so ytou don't fall so no damage Yes you can count with the jump move.
  2. @gonthing It's simply means that the vilain have two tiles to activatee this mini. So this mean just that the mini will activate more often.
  3. No you are wrong the movement characteristic of montoya is 1 you are mixing the move point bonus for the first movement of the hero and the charactéristic of movement. The 1 in red is the the move point bonus for the first movement of the hero and the 2 in red is the movement characteristic. So in the example montoya has 1 for her movement charactéristic.
  4. @Shockbringer Page 23 2/2 it's not the movement characteristic but it's her "move point bonus for the first movement". We don't see on the exemple but montaya have 1 for movement characteristic.
  5. I take an example to be clear. Imagine I use the power of blue bird and decide to use the special event that tell : And when I go to the flowchart of the rule, I can read: So as you can see I must only perform a character activation, I will no perform All other step of the activate the tile so no spend energy cub step, no reposition the tile step... And when I go to the flowchart of activation of the character, I must only perform First Movement Step so I ignore all the other steps:
  6. Yes the X means that you have no normal restriction on the card, but if you read the card you see you have some restriction for Stone Rain : So the X is equal to the distance you want to cast the spell So you need a secret passage in the area you cast the spell and you need to remove that secret passage, so you can't cast the spell everywhere and as many times as you want For Physic strike the only limitation is that X is equal to the distance of the target of the spell. P.S.: Sry for my english, I try my best
  7. The rules says : So you stand up the models and after you can move/attack with the model which are standing.
  8. Yes I'm really impatient that the french publisher make the translation of this batman In France we are at the first volume of batman rebirth, the dc universe rebirth just happen the last month.
  9. Yes good advice @Mr Lee and @Ornifan after reading the New 52 you can add at your reading the 4 volume of Batman Eternal.
  10. Maybe she will can play the three
  11. No, we shall not propose the pre-shading of the mini.
  12. @Mr Lee I see that we have many ideas in common
  13. tony


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